Aug 17, 2013

Create the Training Your Employees Will Love - Free!

wheeldo create the training your employees will love from wheeldo on Vimeo.

Wheeldo is the new platform we tested and liked, that you can use to:

1. Train New Employees
2. Encourage Peer Learning
3. Close the knowledge gaps and stimulate new ideas or knowledge sharing. You can create your own games here and invite employees to play them in order to learn, compete and innovate.

All this is now possible by using  Wheeldo platform. You can sign up free and create your own easy to use games that will help employees share knowledge, ideas and challenge each other. You can also say it is a social learning platform that encourage employees to connect, communicate and share knowledge. It will also help your geographically dispersed workforce to share the best practices.

You do not need to install any software, download files or enter your credit card details. You can upload your training material - pdf files or even videos etc.

Just sign up free and try to create your own Q and A (Social Trivia Quiz) , Voter Game where employees can share work tips, or other Interactive games like Mountaneer. You can do all this by using your company specific training topics/materials and inviting your team members by email.

Here is how Wheeldo was recently used to train and improve the skills of a sales team.

If you need assistance or additional tips, just let me know and I will be happy to help. Feel free to share your impressions, too - by posting a comment below.

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