Jan 2, 2013

My New Year's Micro Leadership Resolution No.1

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you were helping a friend in private crisis and ended up taking so much grief, stress, frustration or spending all your time on it? It nearly felt you were involved in the situation your friend was in. You were a good friend, you helped and maybe your friend even thanked you for that.

Meanwhile you have forgotten/put on hold things and couple of issues you were supposed to be working on in your life?

I did, and one relationship book made me see it as the way to forget responsibility for my own life and issues. Sounded just about right. It was over ten years ago. Now I find myself in the similar situation in my business.

This is a little weird, because my business IS to help other people's business, but I have noticed I am putting more time and effort in client's business, jobs and projects while neglecting mine. For example:

  • Improving copy&ads on client's websites, while leaving mine in need for updating for nearly two years.
  • Working on innovative and creative ideas for clients while not adding (much) more to my offering (products, services...)
  • Trying to identify other marketing strategies or opportunities for client's business while not adding as much to mine (for a while now.) There is more.

What example, or role model can I expect to be?

Think the hairdresser with less-than-perfect-hair, or outdated hairstyle. It bothers me to see one. I know he/she should work on my hair, but I still wish to see a fabulous hair on him/her. Like, ''Show me you care about perfect hair and please show me you know what it is.''

It is fair to say my clients for the most part do not have time to check if my "About'' page is updated or if the last e-book, or workshop brochure is two years old, as long as I help them achieve the results they wanted me to. Still, it makes me a little uncomfortable that I know that. Don't think I am a perfectionist cause I am not.

You know, ''Our character is what we do when we think no one is looking.?'' Guess this can be applied to leadership, too.

And if the leader should be an example then I should - no I WILL make sure I correct some of this today. This sounds like my New Year's Micro Leadership Resolution #1. What is yours?

PS: A small step? Exactly what we usually need to start anything at all.

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