Jul 4, 2012

What Do You Do When You Have a Good Job That is ‘’Just a Job’’?

Most of us over the age of ten do not believe in Santa Clause. Some adults do not believe in love, in marriage, in friendship and quite a few do not believe there is anything to do when they are stuck in a career as exciting as a grey sock. It does not feel like a career anymore, even though you might be a proud owner of a great sounding business card.

Hey, I know the feeling. I was in jobs where the best part was the look on people’s face after reading my title and the company name. You know those moments come once a day or few times a day at most, all other time you are trying to convince yourself you should be grateful that you have a job and not a bad one at all.

The thing is you are not absorbed in your work or excited about possibilities it offers you (anymore.) You feel like you are nor using your (full) potential. You are not looking forward to start working -- ever. You wonder if something else could be much better fit at this point and maybe despair when you are not sure what it is exactly. But you know that every day feeling -- wishing to win a lottery.

You have a status. You can do your job well and you do. But it is ‘’just a job.’’

Don’t worry I am not going to start on ‘’passion’’ or that you should be able to find it. But how about some excitement about what you are going to do? When was the last time you felt it? When you got hired?

I know a job is a job and a salary is pretty much making up for all downsides. But in that case a life is just a life, when it could feel like a wonderful inspiring adventure, if not like a miracle. When was the last time you felt that way? When your child was born? One or two times so far?

This is not the piece where I will try to teach you what you should or should not feel, do or not do. You have plenty of those already. More than you can ever read, actually. I am trying to get to know your thoughts and feelings on what it is we should settle for in this life and how not to regret it. Everyone might have a different answer and that is what I am looking forward to.

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