Apr 22, 2012

5 Steps to Motivation Letter You'll Be Proud Of

Not everyone finds writing easy.
Intelligent, well read people and even those who write well, get stressed with (something we consider) formal writing, the one that is supposed to leave an impression.
Several friends asked me over the years for help in writing a motivation letter and it just happened again.
I often hear people saying, ''I just don't know where to start.''
I decided not to spend time suggesting layout of the page, or good spelling and grammar. Guess everyone knows that, or can find quick help and advice.
Starting such letter is not the only problem.
While some can not start, others write too much, or find it hard to organize the structure of the letter.
Here are five steps that will help you start, structure and finish your letter.

1. What post you are applying for and where you have seen the ad?
e.g. I am applying for a position of (…………………..), as seen in ……………(e.g. Linked In company page, or name of printed media you’ve seen the ad in)

2. Why are you applying to this job?
After you have read Job description several times (I know how boring it often is, but you have to), as well as desired skills and experience – match your latest accomplishments or strongest skills and experience to requirements.
Try to express in one sentence what makes you think you would be a great choice for the post.
e.g. If you love the sales job, retail or manufacturing feel free to say that.

3. What do u offer?
(Strengths, skills, motivation, experience, education…)
I’d try my best to stand out by highlighting my strongest points where I know I am better than the others, and that are relevant to the job or objectives.
Highlight couple of facts from CV or rephrase them.
You have already worked in the MENA region
You regularly exceeded targets in previous job by 25 %
You are looking forward to 30 % travel, work effectively with multicultural environment
You are very motivated by the challenge of ……and you get the best results when challenged.

4. Why are you applying to THAT company/organization?
Experience (common known as ‘’mistakes’’) showed me it is very important to work in (with) great company that treats employees well.
If you do not know much about the company, or have nobody to ask, at least check out company description and the website. Look for something that you value.
Some of the ideas why you might be applying there:
You love or understand the industry (understanding and love often go together)
You would be working on XYZ project.
Company is a reputable employer, e.g. award winner. (Top 100 Best Employers)
You are at your best when working in start-ups, or large companies…
You enjoy fast-paced/innovative environment
A company invests in development of employees and offers possibilities to advance (if that is your goal.)

5. Do you have a special offer for the company?
If you have something else to offer that is not listed in the ad, goes a step further, try to add that in the mix.
Keep it short, perhaps one thing that might get the attention of the recruiter, or show how much you are motivated to get this job.
Don’t over think or worry about every word. Couple of sentences for each of these questions should be enough.

But, if you have huge difficulty to come up with at least couple of reasons to apply to that job in that company, look for something else.

If you can not even convince yourself you would be great at that job/company, your chances are probably not good anyway.

Please share thoughts or recommendations you found helpful.

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