Mar 3, 2012

Top 10 Business Bestsellers, February 2012.

Inc. magazine and 800CEOread blog compiled the list of Top 10 Business Bestsellers - February 2012, so we continue watching what books business leaders are buying for themselves and their people.

Customer service, conflict management, consumer finance, sales, great workplaces and social media are some of the subjects covered in these bestsellers.

End of Business as Usual by Brian Solis climbed from 8th place in January to 5th last month.

After two consecutive month there is no leadership title leading the list. The first place in February belongs to a book about customer service written by Harvard Business School professor:

1. Uncommon Service by Frances Frei and Anne Morriss
(How to Win by Putting Customers at the Core of Your Business)

In Uncommon Service, authors argue that service is a competitive weapon, not just a damage-control function--especially in a volatile economy where the old rules of strategy no longer hold true.

Category: Business, Economics, Finance

2. Social TV by MikeProulux, Stacey Shepatin
( How Marketers Can Reach and Engage Audiences by Connecting Television to the Web, Social Media, and Mobile )

A roadmap to new marketing opportunities arising from the convergence of media

Social TV examines the changing (and complex) television landscape and helps marketers navigate its many emerging and exciting marketing and advertising opportunities.

Category: Business, Economics, Finance

3. Have a Nice Conflict by Tim Scudder, Michael Patterson, Kent Mtchell
(How to Find Success and Satisfaction in the Most Unlikely Places)

How to successfully navigate and prevent conflict.

Category: Business, Economics, Finance

4. Debunkery by Ken Fisher, Lara Hoffmans
(Learn It, Do It, and Profit from It - Seeing Through Wall Street's Money-Killing Myths)

Legendary money manager Ken Fisher outlines the most common--and costly--mistakes investors make

Category: Business, Economics, Finance

5. End of Business as Usual by Brian Solis
(Rewire the Way You Work to Succeed in the Consumer Revolution)

Today's biggest trends --the mobile web, social media, real-time-- are forcing us to rewire the way we think, act, and run our businesses. They have produced a global culture, shrinking the world one tweet at a time. These new tools have created an ever expanding "Egosystem," in which we all believe our lives deserve 24-hour broadcasts. Now, everyday people are looking to understand what is going on as a result of the social and mobile web. Educators are looking to connect with their students and business leaders are seeking to steer the company toward a new generation of customers. Are we in the age of enlightenment or are we lost in translation?

6. Great by Choice by Jim Collins, Morten T. Hansen
(Uncertainty, Chaos, and Luck--Why Some Thrive Despite Them All)

The new question:

Ten years after the worldwide bestseller Good to Great, Jim Collins returns with another groundbreaking work, this time to ask: Why do some companies thrive in uncertainty, even chaos, and others do not? Based on nine years of research, buttressed by rigorous analysis and infused with engaging stories, Collins and his colleague, Morten Hansen, enumerate the principles for building a truly great enterprise in unpredictable, tumultuous, and fast-moving times.

Category: Business, Economics, Finance

7. Great Worksplace by Sean Geehan
(How to Build It, How to Keep It, and Why It Matters)

Based on research conducted by the Great Place to Work Institute, "The Great Workplace" explains the concept of a Great Place to Work and demystifies the Institute's Great Place to Work model. Companies featured include General Mills, Google, and Microsoft.

Category: Business, Economics, Finance

8. Relationship Economics by David Nour, Alan Weiss
(Transform Your Most Valuable Business Contacts Into Personal and Professional Success (Revised, Updated)

Teaches the reader that success comes from learning how to invest in people and how to turn your most valuable relationships into results.

Category: Small Business / Entrepreneurhip

9. Conversatons That Win the Complex Sale by Erik Peterson
(Using POWER MESSAGING to Create More Opportunities, Differentiate Your Solutions, and Close More Deals)

A fresh approach to the complex sale that uses storytelling to differentiate solutions and communicate value

Category: Business, Economics, Finance

10. Snap Selling by Jill Kornath
(Speed Up Sales and Win More Business with Today's Frazzled Customers)

Internationally recognized sales strategist Konrath shows sellers how to get more appointments, speed up decisions, and win sales with these short-fused, frazzled prospects.

Category: Business, Economics, Finance

For more details about each book, editorial, or reader's reviews click on individual book image.

For comprehensive list of 25 books you can check 800CEOread blog.

Have you read, liked or applied anything from this list (books), and what can you recommend?

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