Jan 24, 2012

One Question to Make You Move Forward in Unfair World That Doesn't Give You a Chance

Life gets boring, unfair, and sometimes takes the turn we did not expect or hope for. Just like career, or other plans we had.

I mean, just how unjust it is not to get a (great) job or education ''just because'' you are born in the part of the world that is not known for these things. Or in the family that could not open the doors for you.

Someone else starts in life where you might never get.

That someone is fighting other battles, I know, while you might be trying all your life to reach their starting point.

A lot of doors are just CLOSED.

I heard the metaphors about knocking on doors, kicking the doors, how another one always opens when the first one closes (was usually told this when in trouble, by well-meaning friends), but we know that some doors will always be closed for some of us. Period.

Do World or Life Owe Us Anything? What Should I Ask Myself to Be Sure?

We might also feel the world still hasn't given us a chance to show what we are really worth, how special/talented/capable/willing we are?

It seems world doesn't care about our dreams, nevertheless we can always expect bills. (Bills are sometimes the reason/excuse for all we never try. For all we never become, or tried to become. How boring is that?!)

''It is never to late to become who you might have been.'' sounds cool. We'll share it on Facebook, Twitter or e-mail message but we all know it's - a quote! Most of us will never become who we might have been.

While few others do. Big time. So we admire them. We try to understand the secrets of their success, read articles about them, watch them on TV, use their products etc.

And it's OK. We're not bad, we have other priorities at the moment. The moment never passes.

We are (still) where we are, thinking if we were only luckier, if life only has been kinder to us, a little bit easier or more fair, we would have been so much better off. We might have been one of those guys we admire. We might have become who we might have been.

If all things written so far were wrong, I know this one is right: Nobody came to ''discover'' us or give us a better opportunity. Sometimes we did not show them why they should.

This is what I ask myself whenever I get frustrated or angry that things are not turning the way I think I deserve:

Have I done all in my power to fulfill my potential? The answer is every time NO. How about you?

As long as answer is ''no,'' life and world do not owe me anything. I owe it to myself.

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