Feb 6, 2012

How Not to Solve Problems in Business - for Leaders

Would you say you are a realist? Realistic person, especially in business. Yes?

Me too. But you know something? Every now and then I catch myself avoiding ugly reality. Not sure if it is avoiding or denying. Or both. OK, once you can not deny it anymore, you can always start avoiding it.

It is so obvious and incredible when others are doing it, as we discussed in A Failing Business Specialities - Denial, Excuses and More.

I know and you know (and I know that you know) how we should face ugly reality (also known as a problem) before dealing with it, but that is just another of many ''shoulds'' in life.

You should...One of the words that rarely helped anyone.

Or is it only me it did not work for, perhaps?

There were times when I got to prosper due to just better times coming around, (of course I was prepared or deserved prosperity then) so I went from good to great ''just'' by being there to meet the right time.

But I can't remember instances when I had problems (issues) that went away on their own, or by me just pretending they were not there or trying not to think about them.

Of course I tried that, too.

There are still days when I wish I could run away from whatever is ''killing'' me in my business, did not turn out as I expected, or seems painfully unfair or illogical.

Sometimes I did what you'd least expect me to as an experienced, enthusiastic business consultant.

I buried my head in the sand wanting for bad phase to go away, or postponed to deal with the boring problem in ways that may have not been so obvious:

by doing everything else I enjoyed more.

by spending less time in the office

by starting several new projects not related to what needed to be dealt with

by hoping if I only persevered a bit longer things would change for the better

by finding excuses why I (business/product/service) was doing as badly as I (business/product/service) was doing etc.

Avoiding, denying, postponing, whatever it was called - I stood in my own way.

Time and time again I recognize friends or clients doing the same.

Working for myself, no one called me on it. Being accountable to a boss in the past made me move faster sometimes, I admit.

Being accountable to yourself is most of the time another should, we better consider.

Being a business owner, leader, (or wanting to be one) you are accountable to your people, your business, market, industry, society and the family at the end of the day.

Never mind how much we all pretend it goes with the job, that is nearly too much for one person to bear.

So this is what I say to myself: ''There will always be many obstacles on your way. Try not to be one of them. ''

What about you?

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