Dec 19, 2011

Critical Leadership Question for 2012? Is There a Hope For Us to be Real Men?

Last month I was waiting for Perrier at the crowded beach bar. As I looked left and right (trying to locate the barman) a handsome man on my right smiled at me. I smiled back hoping he did not think it meant anything but a smile.

The next moment, he nearly fell off the bar stool trying to grab my arm to keep balance, but missing it.

Before my curious-self paused to think, it blurted out ‘’How come you are so drunk?’’

‘’I have problems in my business.’’ my bar neighbor replied with half-closed eyes.

Before I said, ‘’Tell me about it,’’ the guy’s wife appeared. Three kids running after her were interested in ice cream and the wife in ‘’why can’t he behave like a real man, the way he used to?’’)

I know. There is always an excuse to drink. ‘’Beer did not solve your problems (but neither did milk.’’)

Another thing everyone knows is that businesses around the world suffer. This suffering takes over their owners, people who run it, or care about it.

Then, there are the families.

Wonderful kids are asking for ice creams, (more of) latest gadgets and lots of other stuff ''everyone else has'', and I hear parents who can not afford them any more. It doesn’t feel good.

So this is life, kids can live without the latest gadgets, and why we don’t just ''behave like real men?'' (even if we are women.)

I think because we are people, because good times were just like yesterday and nothing prepared us for what was coming. Oh yes, we should be flexible, strong, resourceful and ‘’think positive.’’ All these ‘’shoulds’’ go straight to the dustbin when we suddenly lose hope.

Confusing thing is that we were so strong, positive, ‘’behaved like men’’ and all that for long, and suddenly it doesn’t work anymore.

The time comes when we need help. Sometimes that help is to hear us. Sometimes it is to remind us about all great things we did. Sometimes it is to help us hope.

There Goes Critical Question for 2012 (and always):

What is the hope I can offer my friends, my people, my customers, and - myself?

That is one of the things followers expect from you as a leader.

Sometimes you’ll show us where to look, or decide what (not) to do.

Sometimes you’ll show us you are keeping the hope.

Sometimes you’ll make us realize it is not our fault, or that it’s OK even if it is, as long as we decide it is not the end of the road.

Sometimes you will remind us that life is not fair and there are thousands around who wonder exactly the same:

''Why is this happening to me?'' or
''Why can't I be a real man (I used to be)?''
‘’Why did/didn’t I do XYZ?’’

If you are someone who can give hope, please go and give it. It is precious, it is rare and it is what makes us walk through the dark tunnels.

What helps you keep or build your own hope and can you share what are the ways you can help others do the same?

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    Adriano Farias

  2. Dear Adriano, thank you for stopping by, reading the article and asking the question we could all ask more often.

    It is very kind of you to offer help. I am sure there are people who need it. Keep in touch and all the best to you, your family, country, and company in 2012!

  3. Good efforts
    Keep it up


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