Nov 23, 2011

Why Leaders Need to be Wrong

I meet people who think they know it all. They know the best. No, they always know the best. I hear them saying ''I am always right!'' Have some in the family, even. You too?

Apart from being annoying, I doubt they often come up with amazing ideas. Because their goal is to always be right.

My leadership goal is not to always be right but to come up with amazing ideas and results that will positively impact my life, my business as well as lives and businesses of others.

I am doing few things today that will make such difference. But I can also remember of top of my head instances when I jumped to a conclusion (or action) dead sure I was right. Only I wasn't.

It doesn't mean I am stupid, I know. Thank you.

Too many times you are called stupid when you only have an opinion or view that does not agree with that of a person calling you stupid.

(If you do think you are stupid, you probably need better people around, to reevaluate your boundaries or even look for professional help.)

What if You Were Wrong Many Times?

It means a lot of great things.

You tried to figure life and business.

You tested or challenged prejudice, ideas, luck, conventional wisdom.

You reached for your dreams, or better future.

It probably means you were also right many times, too.

It certainly means you did not stay on the couch all day long.

You used your head and courage to think your thoughts, and that is exactly why you were given them.

Maybe you failed X number of times and if you did not do a irreparable huge harm to yourself or the world, so what?!

That is just what life of a leader can be. Learning, trying, failing, figuring, trying again, not getting discouraged for long. And sharing strength with others.

Our company, family, or the world might be waiting for just one right idea (from each one of us) and if we are paralyzed with fear of being wrong that right one might never come.


It takes humanity to be wrong. My couch is never wrong.

It is not leadership goal to always be right.

Often you get to do right things after you did the wrong ones.

Everyone else is wrong several times a day (whether they know it or not.)

The smartest people on earth are wrong all the time including brightest scientists, economists, CEOs of companies we admire.

Did you ever see anything amazing that looked 100 % right from the start?

Apart from hopelessly entrepreneurial spirit, I suspect I was inspired by Peter F. Drucker's

''Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.''

and isn't it very courageous to decide it is not most important to always be right?

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  1. Great post. How inspiring. I fully agree with you.

    I always keep on trying new things, such that even my colleagues and my boss sometimes get annoyed, but I cannot seem to stop.

    Ideas just keep popping out of my head, just like popcorns.

    After reading your article, I immediately connected to you. You are also a popcorn Idea machine, just like me. :)



  2. Thank you Manish, great to hear you find it inspiring. I think I can start to smell popcorn you mention.

    Good luck in all you do, and good luck to your boss, too. Hope you guys can turn some of these ideas into great result.


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