Nov 11, 2011

Top 10 Business Bestsellers - October 2011.

Inc. magazine and 800CEOread blog compiled the list of Top 10 Business Bestsellers - October 2011.

The list looked like this in July, like this in June, like this in August and like this in September.

Only one book from September's Top 10 list is still in Top 10 in October and it is ''What to Ask Person in the Mirror ( Critical Questions For Becoming a More Effective Leader and Reaching Your Potential)'' by Robert Steven Kaplan. This book went from No. 3 in July to No. 2 in August, and remained there in September and October.

The first place on bestsellers' list belongs now to book about most common--and costly--mistakes investors make. Previous two months we saw entrepreneurship books at the top spot.

Strengths Finder 2.0, that was No. 1 bestselling book of 2010., (Top 10 business bestseller list in January.) was No.5. in July, No. 6 in August, and was No.4 in September. This time it did not stay in top 10 although it is still a book you should get it, if you haven't already.

Here is the list of of Top 10 Business Bestsellers, business people were buying for themselves and their teams in October:

1. Debunkery by Ken Fisher, Lara Hoffman
(Learn It, Do It, and Profit from It - Seeing Through Wall Street's Money-Killing Myths)

Category: Business, Economics, Finance

Legendary money manager Ken Fisher outlines the most common--and costly--mistakes investors make

2. What To Ask The Person In The Mirror by Robert Steven Kaplan
( Critical Questions For Becoming a More Effective Leader and Reaching Your Potential)

Successful leaders know that leadership is less often about having all the answers—and more often about asking the right questions. The challenge lies in being able to step back, reflect, and ask the key questions that are critical to your performance and your organization’s effectiveness.

Category: Business, Economics, Finance

3. Power of LEO by Subir Chowdhury
(The Revolutionary Process for Achieving Extraordinary Results)

Bestselling author and globally renowned quality guru Subir Chowdhury presents his groundbreaking new approach for instilling quality into everything from organizational culture to every final product

Category: Business, Economics, Finance

4. Zappo's experience by Joseph Michelli
(5 Principles to Inspire, Engage, and Wow)

Given unprecedented access to one of the most successful online retailers in the world, the bestselling author of "The Starbucks Experience" unveils the customer-experience strategies that have made Zappos the model of leadership success

Category: Business, Economics, Finance

5. Trusted advisor by David H Maister, Charles H Green, Robert M Galford

In an ever-changing world, establishing trust can make or break business deals. The authors pinpoint the components of trust and explain how to apply their equations to a variety of situations. 16 charts.

Business, Economics, Finance

6. Zigzag Principle by Rich Christiansen
(The Goal Setting Strategy That Will Revolutionize Your Business and Your Life)

A proven-effective technique that dramatically increases the probability of success in meeting any goal. It replaces the rigid direct-to-goal approach with a more flexible, efficient, and realistic approach that uses the inevitable bumps in the road as an advantage!

Category: Business, Economics, Finance

7. Quest by Daniel Yergin
(Energy, Security, and the Remaking of the Modern World)

This long-awaited successor to Daniel Yergin's Pulitzer Prize- winning "The Prize" provides an essential, overarching narrative of global energy, the principal engine of geopolitical and economic change.

Category: Business, Economics, Finance

8. Drinking from the Fire Hose by Christopher J Frank, Paul F Magnone
(Making Smarter Decisions Without Drowning in Information)

Just about everyone these days suffers from information overload the 24/7 explosion from our computers, smartphones, media, colleagues, and customers. Information is essential to making intelligent decisions, but more often than not, it simply overwhelms us. It's like trying to drink from a fire hose.

The question isn't how to stop all those e-mails, meetings, conference calls, and fat reports; that's impossible. The question is what to do with them. How do you find the truly essential nuggets of information and use them with confidence?

Category: Business, Economics, Finance

9. Eyeballs Out by Donna Sturgess
(How to Step Into Another World, Discover New Ideas, and Make Your Business Thrive)

Donna Sturgess, a member of the private network of top-tier business leaders known as the M50, demonstrates how immersion experiences can change a business or a life forever. She describes how focused mental and physical energy magnifies the imagination and sharpens the senses, allowing you to push past corporate boundaries, escape the confines of the office, and experience new worlds.

Category: Business, Entrepreneurship

10. Y Size Your Business by Jason Ryan Dorsey
(How Gen Y Employees Can Save You Money and Grow Your Business)

In today's economy, maximizing the performance of every employee is critical to business survival and growth. Gen Y—sometimes called Millennials—provides an enticing opportunity for employers to increase their short-term profitability and create a long-term competitive advantage. Almost 80 million strong, Gen Y is the fastest growing segment in the US workforce

Category: Business, Economics, Finance

For more details about the book, editorial, or reader's reviews click on individual book image.

For comprehensive list of 25 books you can check 800CEOread blog.

Have you read, liked or applied anything from this list (books), and what can you recommend?

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