Oct 3, 2011

Top 10 Business Bestsellers, September 2011.

Inc. magazine and 800CEOread blog compiled the list of Top 10 Business Bestsellers - September 2011.Some of this books are well known to you, or even your favorite, as some of you previously told me (and somehow I remember stuff you tell me.)

Books from June, July or August list are still in Top 10 bestselling books of September:

1. Strengths Finder 2.0, that was No. 1 bestselling book of 2010., (Top 10 business bestseller list in January.) was No.5. in July, No. 6 in August, and is No.4 in September.

2. ''What to Ask Person in the Mirror ( Critical Questions For Becoming a More Effective Leader and Reaching Your Potential)'' by Robert Steven Kaplan. This book went from No. 3 in July to No. 2 in August, and kept the 2nd place in September.

The list looked like this in July, like this in June and like this in August.

The first place on bestsellers' list belongs again to book about entrepreneurship/small business. Last month it was a true story about gang member who became a multimillionaire CEO, and now it is a (brand new) book by Eric Ries.

Here is the new list of of Top 10 Business Bestsellers in September, business people were buying for themselves and their teams:

1. Lean Start up by Eric Ries (entrepreneur)
(How Today's Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses)
Category: Small Business/Entrepreneurship

2. What To Ask The Person In The Mirror by Robert Steven Kaplan
( Critical Questions For Becoming a More Effective Leader and Reaching Your Potential)

Category: Business, Economics, Finance

3. From Values to Action by Harry M Jansen Kraemer (was No. 7 in June)
(The Four Principles of Values-Based Leadership)

Respected former CEO, professor, and speaker examines what it takes to become a values-based leader

Category: Business, Economics, Finance

4. Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath
(A New and Upgraded Edition of the Online Test from Gallup's Now, Discover Your Strengths, With Access Code)

Category: Business, Economics, Finance

5. Superfreakonomics by Steven D Levitt, Stephen J Dubner
(Global Cooling, Patriotic Prostitutes, and Why Suicide Bombers Should Buy Life Insurance)

Category: Business, Economics, Finance

6. The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk (was No. 10 in June)

(Evolution of today’s marketplace, revealing the essential factors defining and driving successful relationships between business and consumer.)

Category: Business, Economics, Finance

7. Practically Radical by William C Taylor (Editor and Founder of Fast Company)
(Not-So-Crazy Ways to Transform Your Company, Shake Up Your Industry, and Challenge Yourself)

Category: Business, Economics, Finance

8. Drive by Daniel Pink
(The Surprising Truth about What Motivates Us)

Category: Business, Economics, Finance

9. Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh (CEO of Zappos)
(A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose)

Category: Business, Economics, Finance

10. Innovator's DNA by Jeff Dyer, Hal Gregersen, Clayton M. Christensen
(Mastering the Five Skills of Disruptive Innovators)

Category: Business, Economics, Finance

For more details about the book, editorial, or reader's reviews click on individual book image.

For comprehensive list of 25 books you can check 800CEOread blog.

Have you read, liked or applied anything from this list (books), and what can you recommend?

Find whatever can help you get the idea and turn it into results you are hoping for. You may read whatever everyone else does, but you will see it with your eyes, unique talent, creativity, energy and ambition, so we can all benefit from your unique idea and action. Best of luck!

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