Sep 8, 2011

StandOut - Let Secretary of State’s Advisor on Leadership and Management Help You (New Book and StandOut Assesment by Marcus Buckingham)

There’s nothing wrong if you are a man who cries reading fiction. You probably heard ladies cry at weddings. But do you know anyone who cried reading a business book or watching accompanying DVD?


This is what I can confess, but only to my blog readers.


If there is one (business) author who made me cry and made me laugh out loud (watching DVD from ‘’The Truth About You’’ - How to talk to your boss about your weaknesses) it was Marcus Buckingham.


It’s not a secret Mr. Buckingham is the most handsome author ever, but that is certainly not what sold him 4 million of books, or got him profiled in the New York Times, Fortune, Fast Company, Harvard Business Review, USA Today etc.


If there is anyone interested in management, leadership or performance with passion and purpose he/she has probably read at least ‘’Now Discover Your Strengths’’ or ‘’Go Put Your Strengths to Work.’’  


I also recently discovered Marcus Buckingham is a member of the Secretary of State’s Advisory Committee on Leadership and Management. I already knew he spent nearly two decades at the Gallup Organization pioneering research into personal strengths and has developed strengths-based business solutions for some of the world's most recognizable brands. (Best Buy, Disney, and Toyota.)



As full of prejudice as I am towards assessments, I would take any offered by Marcus Buckingham, as I did few months ago, during the testing period. So I received my Standout Assessment and implemented few great ideas already.


You can discover what else you can do to standout in the new book StandOut: The Groundbreaking New Strengths Assessment from the Leader of the Strengths Revolution.


The strengths assessment is available again online, free with a code provided when you buy the book.

What Do You Get in StandOut

I favor research to arbitrary definitions, qualifications, or fantasies of thousands of bloggers or authors. The product of a massive data set and rigorous statistical testing, the StandOut assessment unveils your two key strength roles and shows you how find your edge and win at work.

(The main idea is the same - to learn what our strengths are and to find ways to use them, in contrast to the traditional advice to work on your weaknesses.)

The assessment provides not only description, it takes the next step and provides practical advice on what to do to make the most of the strengths you have, and capitalize on your comparative advantage at work.


Assessment tells you how well you match 9 roles and show you your lead and secondary roles.

You receive detailed definitions of your roles that helps you make immediate impact at work place. You’ll get guidance what traps to avoid in your career and using your unique strengths.

In this video author describes what you are getting.  

Thanks to this book and StandOut Assessment you get to think about the greatest values you bring to the team (for you or any of your team members)

It gives you your nine roles ranking with detailed description of each:











First you get to know your top two roles that are the focus of your talents and skills and your instinctive way to making a difference in the world. Then, your StandOut report will show you key actions and specific advice to win at work

Table of Contents


Role 1

Roles definition

Your most powerful (You at your most powerful)

Describe yourself

Make an impact (how to make an immediate impact)

Next level (How to take your performance to the next level)

Watch out for (What to watch out for)

Role 2

Combined Roles

Comparative advantage

Your ideal career

Win as a manager

Win as a leader

Win in client services

Win at sales

Strengths Map




Pre-launch offer

e-book pre-launch price of $9.99 (a 30% saving off regular price) has just been announced on AMAZON.


Hope you will take advantage of the offer and enjoy discovering more about yourself or your team. Your unique advantage will be described and translated in the ways you can win as a manager, as a leader or in sales.

You can use it for management of self or management of others.


By standing out you are helping your career, organization, business and the world. Let leader of strengths revolution help you

Good luck!

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