Sep 2, 2011

Engagement and Job Creation Relationship. Leadership Chicken and Egg? We Welcome Both!

Few of you expressed interest in employees engagement, (in recent survey) and I think it’s great, as engagement is linked to performance outcomes, including productivity, customer service, quality, retention, safety, and profit.

Leaders (you) can use high employee engagement to improve employee retention, customer perceptions of service, and other outcomes that will then lead to better financial performance.

Now it seems you can impact job creation, and we should all thank you for that.

Quick Reminder Who Is Who, (According to Gallup)

Engaged employees are involved in and enthusiastic about their work.

Those who are not engaged may be satisfied but are not emotionally connected to their workplaces and are less likely to put in discretionary effort.

The actively disengaged are emotionally disconnected from their work and workplace and jeopardize their teams' performance.

Engagement and Job Creation - Chicken and Egg?

Special Gallup Daily tracking series conducted January through June 2011 reports the following:

  1. Engaged workers report twice as much job creation
  2. Actively disengaged workers report more layoffs than hires

Engagement and Hiring

January – June 2011.

(Gallup, 9th August 2011.)

% Hiring

% Letting go




Not engaged



Actively disengaged



Workers in disengaging workplaces are more than twice as likely to report their organization is letting people go as are those in engaging workplaces.

And workers in engaging workplaces are more than twice as likely to report their organization is hiring as are workers in disengaging workplaces.

Job creation may partially be a result of the general economic climate, but it is also likely a function of the businesses' own success, driven by their workplace environment, performance, and strong leadership.

Analyzing the special Gallup Daily tracking series data cannot definitively determine the direction of the causal relationship between employee engagement and hiring practices.

It is possible that employees are more engaged because of their organization's success or more disengaged because of their organization's lack of progress or the fear of layoffs.

What do you think? What do you see in your organization? How can you impact engagement or job creation?

We have already talked about engagement in Free and Proven Ways to Engage People - Don't ''Trust'' Your Managers and how and why to create trust and inspiration, just make sure you use it to your (and your employees) advantage.

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