Aug 9, 2011

True Story About Customer Support We Wish Was NOT True + 10 Messages To (All Who Call Themselves) Customer Support

Once upon a time a customer of a service provider stopped receiving the service. The customer needed the service for 5 hours a day at least, for work.

Customer called customer support two times that day, and was told that it might take ’’few days’’ to resume the service and that the best they can do is note the request was ’’urgent.’’

Customer got to know several reasons why something could not be done.

Customer did not get to know exactly when he might have the service back, and was refused alternative/a temporary solution.

Customer support staff on the phone was kind, but problem was not solved. In that customer eyes, it meant – useless:

Facts that additionally upset customer:

  • Any other day but ’’today’’ was causing a big inconvenience for the (paying) customer, as well as his work.

  • The service was expensive.

  • Last time customer had a problem (and it was ’’urgent’’) it took 5 days for service provider to get back to him.

  • Weekend was coming, customer had to work but service provider didn’t.

  • Provider was one of the ’’leaders on the market’’?!

10 Messages to all (who claim to) have customer support/service:

  1. We don’t want explanations and excuses. We want (immediate) solutions. That is your job.
  2. Yes, we (customers) are demanding and will become more so.
  3. We do not exist because of you. The opposite is true.
  4. We want to receive the support as soon as we need it.
  5. We are not looking for solutions that are convenient for you/your organization. We want what is convenient for us – customers.
  6. We do not need to know limitations of your internal procedures or organization. If it’s not good enough – fix it!
  7. Bad news always spread faster. (Bad news about your service spread faster than ever today.)
  8. If you are just recording the problem/request, than that’s what you are – complaints collector. We are not fooled.
  9. Read again all messages and think about them. They might save your business.
  10. Do something about it.

Can you fulfill these requirements? No? Why are you calling yourself ’’support’’ or ’’service’’ then? You are supporting your procedures, your terms, inefficiencies and your convenience.

Do you still see vendors around with the motto: Charge to as many as you can, but do Scarlet O’Hara support. (’’I'll think about that tomorrow.’’)

One would think customer service/support is a given in 21 st century, but we keep seeing it is not.

PS: The only thing worse than having a service provider like this is – equally useless competition.

What is the customer service in your company/organization like? How confident are you that you can meet expectations of your customers, even just those they are paying for?

If your support sounds like one mentioned in this article:

Do you know that customers talk two times more about negative experience they had with company? They are also 60 % more likely to switch to another provider (of product or service) when they are not satisfied.

You really got to be lucky that your competition is worse than you, but are you sure you want to bet on luck in business?

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  1. Excellent read, I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing.

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  2. Thank you Maddy, and good luck in all you are doing.


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