Aug 3, 2011

Like Working With Men? 5 Reasons I Love(d) It

Going to work knowing you are going to see someone you'd rather not (who'll be around for 12 hours) is situation we all have to deal with. It could be more draining, stressful and taxing than the work itself.

You are also likely to have someone you enjoy working with, or call a friend. This applies for the most goal oriented of us, introverts, or not exactly ''team-work-enthusiasts.''

I mainly worked in men's jobs or industries, but met great women there. In this article I remember great things about working with men. Some were my bosses, some peers, and many ''had me'' as a boss.

There are at least five reasons I Love(d) working with men:

1. Sense Of Humor

That is probably what I miss the most about high-tech/male dominated environment jobs = lot of guys with a lot of funny lines.

Sharing a joke, even a sarcastic comment about work, helped team spirit, good will, and made terrible days brighter, and sometimes even - worth it!

Although sharing jokes was not the main part of our work, I still remember comments made by guys, that make me laugh fifteen years later.

2. Commitment To Work

I am in noway saying women are not committed as men, or that all guys are committed. It was simply inspiring to see how committed to work some guys were. This was present at all levels, from ''bottom'' to ''top''.

You just had to look at them on days when you felt like ''cutting corners'' and think again.

3. An ''Open Book'' Attitude

I mostly knew where I stood with guys at work - who was a friend, neutral, or wasn't delighted to see me around.

Guys are not raised to please, agree, cooperate by all means like most of us (girls) were. They were encouraged to be more competitive and ready to speak their mind. But, they gave respect where it was due.

After the argument one day, we were still talking and working together next week. (Note: healthy company culture helps a lot here.)

I appreciate it even more today. Give me the colleague who tells me to get lost any day over the smiling one who talks, or obstructs my work behind my back.

4. Good Looks

God forbid I was into sexual harassment, unprofessional, or looking for an affair, but it was a visual bonus to be surrounded by fit, well dressed, and sometimes even beautiful men while struggling with stress, anxiety, pressure, tiredness.

5. Good Hearts

Working with hundreds of guys around the world, I learnt how wonderful men are. (Not perfect, but wonderful.) I had a privilege to witness not only how much they cared about work, but also about their wives, kids, principles, justice, friends. (and sport...)

Perhaps I should have called it ''integrity.'' And that is a leadership quality. Like all 5 mentioned here.

There were few exceptions and examples I wish I did not see, but most men (at work) were gentlemen, ready to help and protect values and people they stand for. Even me, when it was appropriate.

Working with men helped me to understand not just men, but the world better, build character and more satisfying career.

This article is the opportunity to thank them (you) all.

What kind of people do you like working with? Are they men, women, both? What do you like about them? Do they make your working days (a little) better. Is it important for you to like or admire anyone at work?

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