Aug 21, 2011

Get Hired On Facebook - Would You Mind?

In good times and bad, companies are going to wish/look for best talent. Whether you are looking for a new job or not, you are going to see more recruiters and companies on social networks. Companies are hiring full time online recruiters, or talent acquisition web strategists.

Recently there was a survey conducted by one of recruitment platform Jobvite and it was found that more than 80% of respondents have planned to use social media networks for recruiting this year.

LinkedIn (78%), Facebook (55%) and Twitter (45%) are the most popular social recruiting platforms, while MySpace is used by 5 percent of respondents.

Besides LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are now mandatory places to be for companies, organizations and recruiters. Up to this point, LinkedIn Corp. has dominated online professional networking arena. However some companies are increasingly embracing the access to more than 800 million users on Facebook as a way to circumvent pricey job boards.

Facebook hires account for less than 1% of the total hires companies are making, according to Jobs2Web, which helps companies track the sources of candidates and hires, but if current growth trends continue, Facebook could rival traditional job boards in 2012, said Jobs2Web analytics manager Phil Schrader.'s ( hosts a job board and other recruiter services ) vice president of product management, Matt Mund, acknowledged that Facebook as a recruiting platform is growing rapidly.

The real value of Facebook is probably its use as an employee referral platform. If companies can get their employees to post job openings on their personal profile pages, it builds greater credibility among perspective employees who may see the posting on a friend's page vs a corporate page.

Some note that while LinkedIn contains a more comprehensive résumé database, candidates tend to value referrals from their connections on Facebook more.

RECRUITMENT APPLICATIONS FOR FACEBOOK, launched its own Facebook app, dubbed BeKnown, in June, and the application now has nearly 800,000 monthly users, according to, a market research group. Over the next couple of weeks, the company plans to launch a program where companies can offer employees cash rewards for making referrals through the app.

A few independent software developers have recently released recruitment apps for Facebook as well.

Work For Us App

Working candidates might not be comfortable liking careers pages or recruitment sites, sharing the news that they might be looking, with anyone observing.

If so, they are more comfortable liking a brand, or company page, which gives no indication that they are looking for a new job. This is where Work For Us (by Work4Labs) application comes in – for applying or sharing jobs on a company page,where candidates can also post resumes/CV’s.

Visitors get two choices, to either connect for news of the opening, or apply for work via the ‘’work for us tab.’’

BranchOut Inc.'s Facebook app – Branchout, similar to’s BeKnown, builds a professional networking layer on top of Facebook, and has more than 2.6 million monthly users, according to

While some companies recruit thousands employees via Facebook, others claim that in focus groups, prospective job candidates were sharply averse to being contacted through Facebook for jobs.

And although direct hires through Social Media still represents only fraction of that from traditional means, the indirect benefits of Social Media are much better (traffic, employer branding…)

Learning about social media and developing social media strategies is crucial in today's online recruitment initiatives. When used correctly, social networking can be an extremely powerful and effective tool in recruiter-candidate relationship building.

What do you think about recruitment on social media, or any particular platform? Is your company using online strategies, tools or apps to attract new talent? Have you or anyone you know been approached by a company or a recruiter online?

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