Jul 7, 2011

Six Funny Symptoms Of Success. Recognize Any?

No matter how successful you already are, you wish for more success. Am I right?

If you think you are not successful (enough, or yet) you are probably dreaming of the day when you (and others) will see you that way.

No matter how you define success I wish you to have it. Hope you will enjoy it, too.

In the meantime, let's talk about success symptoms you might already recognize.

1. Problems did not disappear, they just got bigger after you've become (more) successful.

No need to worry if you dreamed problems will disappear one day. You are like most of us. We could be hardly be bothered to try anything, if we have thought about this aspect of success.

When you are the top guy in whatever, problems get bigger, as stakes become much higher.

2. Everyone else seems to think you hit a jackpot, or got lucky.

Only you know how hard you had to struggle, how long you had to go without having a clear indication you'll ever make it.

This is how all successful people I know arrived to where they are.

3. The more work/results you put out there, the more exposed/criticized and attacked you'll be.

Funny thing about it is that those who can not show half of what you did will be attacking you most.

4. You have more friends, no - you appear to have more friends; no -you are surrounded with more people.

All these people are now much more interested in/impressed by what you have become, than in who you are. Even if you are an awesome character.

5. You have more enemies and not sure why they all decided to be your enemies.

If nobody hates you, you probably did not show up on anyone's radar, so you better push harder, my friend.

6. People (and employees) will talk bad things only behind your back, figuring ''I never know when I might need him/her.''

After all you don't need to know all they don't like about you, and you get smiles all the time. World seems a great place. Your ego grows.

So when you finally find out they say you wore brown shoes with grey suit, or like walking over dead bodies (not true) - you will remember that is the small price for whatever you wanted and worked hard to achieve.

Some of these symptoms are unfair, bad and terrible. But ''If you don't want to win no one will stop you.''

So let's not stop just because we know success, (like life) is not fair. It does not come when we think it should, to whoever we know it should have. And when it comes it will not be perfect, just like we aren't perfect, and do not need to be.

If you believe you are successful and yet you don't feel happy, go back to the article You Are Successful, But Are You Happy? you will understand why, and you will feel better.

What symptom of success have you felt and did it bother you? Why or why not?

Your thoughts?

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  1. I have had all of the above, Liliana, fortunately not all at once. They are unexpected results and reactions, and mostly humorous only in hindsight.
    People will always pop up who are jealous or envious, and you cannot always explain why they don't like you. As the Paradoxical commandments would tell us, Do good work, anyway.

    Martina (gynedoc1)

  2. Hi Martina. These ''symptoms'' are not exactly humorous, of course, I used the word ''funny'' in a sense of being strange or difficult to understand right away. The point is, as you say, to do great work anyway.
    Thanks for reading and posting a comment.

  3. I recognize #5 - You're nobody till somebody hates you.

  4. It really seems so, good thing is that there will be those who love and support you. Thanks for the comment, Rudi.


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