Jul 13, 2011

Leadership Development Objections. Let's Answer Together!

Anyone wanting to attract little attention has to add leadership in their title, tweet, blog, correspondence, or discussion in LinkedIn group.

OK so there is the interest, there is the need, and there are thousands, or hundreds of thousands of ''leadership'' coaches or trainers.

Something is wrong here.

1. Companies claim they need leaders

(at least on paper) HR executives say the ability to develop future leaders will have the greatest impact on their organizations’ future success. Yet, only one in three believes they are prepared to do this effectively, according to recent IBM study of 800 HR executives.)

2. I can't count leadership coaches around, and yet ....

Companies have to bring retired leaders back, or suffer, as in a recent study CEO's claim they are not confident they can manage complexity of the business, and need some ''creative leadership.''

It seems not all are convinced about the benefit of the leadership development/coaching. Most claim '''people are their main asset'', yet they do not (officially) develop leaders, although we claim it can be done.

Here are typical objections to a proposed leadership development program and coaching.

1. Leaders are born and not made.

2. I have been leading business for years without any formal training let alone a leadership training/coaching.

3. We successfully recognize the leaders in our organization, they just come out on top organically.

4. We don't like to push people to be leaders unless they have the initiative.

5. We like our leaders to learn by experience and courses are just bunch of theory, hype, other people unrelated experiences/stories, questionnaires....

6. How can trainers/coaches teach leadership if they have hardly been leaders themselves?

7. We have too much to worry about and invest in more important/tangible things,

I would like to discuss these objections with you, and hear your opinion and answers (before I offer mine.)

What is you personal experience, as a coach, consultant, executive, business owner, manager, company representative, HR or anyone who is interested in leadership development?

How do you answer or would answer these objections, why, or what makes you think like that?

Do you think we should cultivate our leaders? What worked for you?

How did training or coaching help you in your leadership development?

Looking forward to hear from you.

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