Jul 11, 2011

Doing What We Love. Foolish, Hungry, Or Clueless?

''I did not have idea what I wanted to do in my life and could not see how college will help me figure that out.''

Sounds familiar? Can you recognize the feeling, or know anyone who can?

''It was a relief to drop out of college, because I did not have to take classes I was not interested in.''

These were the words of Steve Jobs at Stanford Commencement Address 2005. but could be the words of any of us, our children, or people we know.

Not because we dropped out, but because we did not know what we were supposed to do with our lives, careers, knowledge, and especially classes we were not interested in. (that cost a lot of money, too).

I recently read a blog written by MBA students of (Top 10) business school in the world. After graduation ''they were going to take some time to figure out what they want to do.''

Instantly I felt for these bright girls and guys who spent so much time in class, studying, going for tests, exams, after investing small fortune just to end up confused about their future, and still not even a step closer to an idea about what they want to do. They are probably waiting to be chosen by a company or a vacancy that sounds good.

Sport Superstars Envy

I wish I was walking around on my hands like Bart Conner* when he was 6 years old. This made it obvious to his dad to take him to gymnastics class. Nobody had to tell him he should be a gymnast and Olympic gold medal winner.

Looking at 7 years old Novak Djokovic, who said his goal in life was to become number one (tennis player) in the world (and he just did, 17 years later) - I feel like it is not fair.

Most of us after 20 years of education and classes we were not interested in - still do not know what we want to do. Is it to get a job? Or get a ''good job?''

I had obvious talents and interests, but we were supposed to get a diploma like a little rabbit and there was the regular ''rabbit future'' waiting for us.

And this upsets me:

Ask people, colleagues and family who are not satisfied with what they do what it is they would like/love doing, or where they could get out of bed with purpose. I bet you will hear many ''I don't know, but I know it is not what I am doing now.''

And Now, Why Bother?

How can we in ''not sure'' situation (or state of mind) innovate, act, create new energy, world, economy, industries, jobs? Or how can we remember to care about it?

We are more likely to feel numb, waiting for a ''new opportunity'' to come our way. For someone to come up with something.

Opportunities are more scarce lately. So it might not even be possible to work ''just'' for the money soon.

If so, I would even more try doing what I love doing.

''But Liliana, they don't let me do what I like!'' I know, I know...Been there... Just want to keep thinking if there is anything we love to do, that we can create, or start doing and hopefully ''connect the dots'' later?

It does not have to be art or sport only where people utilize talents, gift, passion and become champions.

Foolish and Hungry Steve Jobs Connects The Dots Later

In the address of Steve Jobs I mentioned, he said he ''followed his heart/interests even when he did not see where it was taking him.'' He ''connected the dots later.''

This is not another article about legendary Steve Jobs, just about points he made that I care about and fight for.

Someone has to risk it, or foolishly try to ''follow his heart.'' This helps in doing a great job, (whatever it is). Even Jobs admits it.

We know this, and yet...

Thousands of books/articles/researches/tips later, it still remains ultimate challenge for most. Finding what we want and love to do, or what to do when we (think we) know.

It brought some men to top of the world and many not, but they are also winners for trying, ''staying hungry and staying foolish.'' We still might hear of them, too.

What do you think? How did you discover what you want to do, love to do, or how to do it? Are you doing it? What can you share with the rest of us?

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