Jul 18, 2011

''Cruel To Be Kind'' Leadership For Managers - Developing People By Challenging Them

If you are a man and knew a woman who was pushing you to ''live up to your full potential'', or are married to one, I believe you do not like it.

If you are the woman who fell in love with certain men's ''potential'', and not a man he is - such relationship most probably ended (in disappointment.)

But if you are a manager, team leader, and the one that is doing his job - you are helping people achieve their potential.

And sometimes you are PUSHING them!

What Developing Potential Is Not

It doesn't mean you send them to the seminar once in a while.

It doesn't mean you send them all to the same training.

It doesn't mean sending them to the awesome, expensive training/school/degree and never let them use whatever they learned or enjoyed there.

It doesn't mean you guess whatever they would like to learn/know.

It doesn't mean you accept whatever they tell you they would like to know.

It doesn't mean you let them learn only what is directly limited to their job description.

It Is This (And More):

You have regular talks with them.

You get to know your employees by spending time with them, and observing.

You think about what you heard and observed. How can you match it with tasks/plans/strategies/visions?

You get to know their dreams or frustrations by listening to them. What else can make you even close to knowing who they are, what they would really go for?

You cast them in the roles where they can use (even test) their different strengths, not just their technical skills.

You challenge them by directing them towards task/projects/roles where they just have to ''stretch'' themselves. Out of their comfort zone!

What People Gain When You Challenge Them?

Think how you can ''challenge'' your people by giving them new, important or demanding task that has nothing to do with their routine. Maybe something they are not even sure they can do.

This is a favor to your people, and they should thank you for not being bored at work, and be motivated by you having the faith in them
(that they can do it.)

That was the thing that kept me excited at work, even while lying awake, wondering how on earth I am going to raise up to the challenge. Every time I gathered all my resources and I did. With passion and determination.

Today I am even more thankful to my (at that time) boss or manager, for each ''tough'' situation he put me in. I grew as a professional, and as a person. He knew I could take it, and he pushed me earn and deserve respect.

And it is just one of the few things managers are there for. This one makes a big difference to your company and to the world. Therefore it is a leadership in action.

Good luck!


Do you have any examples you would like to share on how you did this, or how your boss or someone else helped you develop, or reach a stage where you think you are living up to your potential?

If you feel you are far from it (like so many people I know and care about) what do you think is the main reason for you feeling like that, and do you still believe it is possible to change it?

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