Jun 24, 2011

Want to Be Successful? Forget Approval, Forget Perfection! Some Hate? You Made It!

I am not perfect? I know. My mother reminds me of that. You are not perfect? Still you want to be, or stay successful? You might want to continue reading this post.

Not everyone likes you/your work? Good For You!

At Least You've Done Something. You've done ''work.''


Doing work, or keeping it up even when you know it is not perfect takes GUTS.

This does not mean you don't care to improve. You do. Again you'll need more guts than ego.

If you want to be, or stay successful, you better be ready to be criticized, undermined, put down, attacked, and/or hated by number of individuals.

These individuals often have plenty of time and not so many results. More likely than not, they have no better results in what you are doing or trying to do. But they ''know'' what you should be doing, or stop doing.

It is enough to drive you mad if you only took it seriously.

This year I was watching a TV interview with European young actress, whose career success was fast and impressive. She said she had to go to a therapist, to find the way of dealing with the fact that people who did not know her were attacking her as a person - in the media, forums and even sending her hate mail.

My Blog Is Far From Perfect, It ''Only'' Gets Me (My Dear) Readers

I started this blog 9 months ago, after learning for weeks, late in the night what and how to do it.

I have written 70 articles and 56 pages e-book in English, (not being my native language) and made a few free video courses, I've never done before.

People are reading it (BTW, Thank you, guys!) in USA, Japan, Central and South America, Europe, now China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Middle East...It got me new readers and clients, partnerships and business offers.

It's not a big risky project I know. There are million blogs out there and I have mine too. It was something new I wanted to do so I am doing it.

And here is what I am told (not by my readers or clients):

''The slides are blue and white and why didn't I make them black and gold?''

''I am saying a lot of umm, or ahm in my videos.''

''The sound is not perfect.''

''The monitor of my computer is too large in the video.''

''I need to look more relaxed in my videos...''

''I look too relaxed in my videos...''

''I need to hire a director...''

''Why am I talking and using bullet points in this free video course I posted...''

I am not worrying.

There are a lot of things that can be improved. I am ready to try, too. Not only on this blog, of course.

I just refuse to concentrate on faults, or sweat small things I did not even bother to try. Will just keep doing my thing, getting ahead, trying and learning. So I feel like a winner.

And I believe this...

If you wait to be ready, feel perfect and listen to all who are afraid to make a move, (cause it might not be 100 % perfect) you will remain where you are. Forever.

But if you want to get ahead you have to produce work. Some work. Your work. Take the next step. A bold step sometimes.

Ready To Be Told You've Got No What It Takes?

If you are doing, really doing something in your life you will be even told you will never succeed, or that you don't have talent.

You wouldn't be the first one.

If you follow tennis, you will know WTA No. 1 Caroline Wozniacki. I mention her (although my home country has players that I support) as I recently heard her saying she was told ''she would never make it into Top 10.''

I also spend some time on tennis forums, where we (fans) comment matches, players, game etc. I never stop wondering how many anonymous persons (without ANY success in tennis or probably elsewhere) feel entitled to put the players down.

''He/She only won one/two/six Grand slams.'' or ''Who knows how he/she made it in Top 5,'' or something similar.

These guys and girls are living their dreams and there are others typing on forums that they are ''zeros'' or whatever.

How Do You Know You've Made It?

The more successful you will become the more people will deny you, feel the right to criticize your work, personality, their version of ''you''. Number of those who are actively looking for faults in you will grow. Some will hate you, too.

Sometimes I wonder if that is when you know you really ''made it?''

If you want to be a champion, a leader, entrepreneur, intrapreneur, make a difference, you will have to take a risk and be ready to be told your idea is not good, something is wrong, it could be better and you better be perfect, before you deserved a chance to give it a go.

It would be like tennis player not training, or getting on the court, because he is not good enough to be in Top 10, or can not be number one now! Can you remember anyone starting from number one in anything?

But are you ready to start? I hope you are.

Get ahead with your vision, values and your plan in life. Don't think about who likes you, don't look back, and don't worry about being ''good enough for everyone.''

We need people of action, courage to lead themselves, visions of whatever they want to achieve. Go for your plans, support the others too, as better times are not just around the corner running towards us.

We need to try very hard to create them. That's what I believe. And you?

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  1. Yes, everyone can tell you where you went wrong after the fact but they're reluctant to do anything themselves.

    Refreshing stuff, not all me me me, I am. Makes a big change from most of what I see in many "business" blogs. I must push on with my own plans, you've certainly encouraged me to get my finger out.

  2. Hi Clive, all of us who do anything know the feeling...Thanks for stopping by and posting the comment. Great to hear you are encouraged to do what you want to do.
    Go for it and good luck!


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