Jun 9, 2011

Three Types Of Leaders That Impress Me These Days - What About You?

There are three types of leaders that really impress me these days:

1. The ones who keep jobs (theirs and ours)

2. The ones who create jobs

3. The ones helping people find/create jobs

Are you one of them? Do you at least keep thinking what you can do, how you can help, even if you (still) have a job?

Job growth is called ''scary'', while ''Shockingly weak job growth in May'', article states that level of job growth is the weakest since September. (According to ADP, the private sector had added 100,000 jobs in each of the prior six months leading to May. The ADP employment report showed private sector employers added only 38,000 workers in May, far lower than the revised 177,000 jobs added in April and much weaker than economists had expected. Plus, half of the private sector jobs came from McDonald.)

With nearly 14 million people currently looking for work and job openings still relatively scarce, it may be no surprise American workers seek jobs in Asia (video). They are corporate employees, but also entrepreneurs. Recruitment agencies see dramatic increase in recruitment in Asia.

I am not writing this to scare you, and you have probably seen or heard these news in one form, or another.

It makes me think, ''What can I do? How can I help?''

Apart from working with you on various projects and skills your business needs, I'll take look at ''They're Hiring'' today, and synthesize the numbers + add links to company's career page.

Current openings: 15,550
15, 550 positions are open globally, 12,000 of them in the U.S. - most in retail banking, including positions for personal bankers, financial advisors, business bankers, loan officers, as well as branch managers, assistant branch managers, and tellers. The company also seeks qualified collectors, customer service agents, and operations managers.

Current openings: 13,919
Retail associates, assistant store managers, and general manager positions for Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile locations. Counter Intelligence Agents for Geek Squad, field leadership and corporate positions.

Current openings: 8,320
GE hires a wide range of experts in a variety of fields, including engineering, finance, human resources, information technology, manufacturing, marketing, and sales.

Current openings: 8,320
Consulting and services, hardware engineering, finance and accounting, IT and telecommunications, HR, legal, manufacturing.

Current openings: 6,583
HP has positions available across all functions for entry-level and experienced talent. Some key openings are in administration, business planning,engineering, finance, human resources, information technology, legal, public affairs and communications, quality, sales, services, supply chain and operations.

Current openings: 6,300
This year, the retailer will hire approximately 6,300 leaders and team members and more than 1,400 interns at its corporate locations. It plans to create thousands of jobs in stores and distribution centers. At corporate headquarters, positions are available in merchandising, web development for Target.com, and the company is seeking engineers in technology services, product design and development, and marketing. Other available jobs include team leaders, guest service team members, pharmacists, nurse practitioners and medical assistants for its Target Pharmacy and Target Clinic locations.

Current openings: 6,000
A variety of professions, including engineering, sales and marketing, customer service and support, and general business operations.

8. Dell
Current openings: 4,887
Networking specialists, IT information developers, web developers, engineers, software developers, sales consultants, business development specialists, many others.

Current openings: 4,720
Constantly looking for new talent, the bank currently has thousands of open positions in locations throughout the world. Available positions include jobs in consumer banking, commercial banking, technology and operations, investment banking and finance.

Current openings: 3,560
Banking, credit specialists, lending, IT, analysts.

Current openings: 3,164
Retail sales, IT, administrative, telecom engineering, intstallation, maintenance, and repair technicians.

12. Intel
Current openings: 3,033
Positions in software engineering, platform engineering, technology development, and manufacturing.

13. AT&T
Current openings: 2,750
The majority of external hires this year will be in retail, broadband/U-verse call centers, U-verse network and other specialized tech growth areas such as digital life, application services, e-commerce; and in various technology operations areas including architecture, network planning and engineering, and labs.

Current openings: 2,300
Exxon will recruit 500 university students beginning this fall with commencement dates in 2012. The company mainly seeks candidates with technical degree disciplines (engineering, geoscience, and IT), and some business degrees (MBAs, HR, and public affairs). ExxonMobil also has some opportunities for experienced hires: For example, it's currently seeking 400 plant operations and technicians within refineries, chemical plants, production operations, and drilling. Worldwide, there are positions available for 1,400 professionals outside the U.S. Jobs range from engineering, geoscience, research, business, and IT to plant operations and technicians.

Current openings: 2,000
Amazon is currently hiring thousands of positions in all teams and geographies to support continued growth across our business: all levels of software engineers, recruiters, buyers and product managers to support continued growth across the business.

Current openings: 1,000
Last year CEO Michael Duke announced that the company would create 500,000 jobs around the world over the next five years. Thousands of positions are currently available, from basic entry-level jobs at Walmart stores, to executive roles at the home office, and everything in between. Right now, the company has a tremendous need for technology talent. It's also looking for people in finance strategy, global sourcing, marketing and innovations, among others. Field-based positions are available in human resources, merchandising and store management.

Current openings: 1,804
Positions in research and development, sales, professional services, and customer support; other corporate positions including finance, HR, IT, facilities, marketing, legal.

Current openings: 1,300
Accountants, adjusters, auto techs, lawyers, marketers, call center staff, catastrophe team members. Most openings are near its larger facilities across the country, including Northbrook, IL; San Antonio, TX; Phoenix; Long Island, NY; Charlotte, NC; Philadelphia; Nashville, TN; Hudson, OH; Houston; St. Petersburg, Fla.; and Pocatello, Idaho.

Current openings: 378
Many positions in different areas, ranging from distribution center management to health care sales and corporate roles, as well as nuclear and hospital pharmacists. The company employs approximately 30,000 employees worldwide and, on average, is actively seeking 350 to 400 positions each month, which equates to 5,000 new hires globally each year.

Current openings: 362
Most openings are for roles such as financial analysts, sales professionals, actuarial, customer service, operations and administrative.

This list may be useful to you or someone you know. That is why I decide to post it. We can start small, but thinking about it and doing something, anything in our power really.

Do you know anyone you can help find, or keep job? What can you do at your job to make it bring more business? Do you have an idea how to start, or grow business? Can you help someone start or grow business?

There are many other questions we should think about on a daily basis. And do something about it every time, even by offering and information that might be useful to someone else.

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