Jun 14, 2011

Free and Proven Ways to Engage People - Don't ''Trust'' Your Managers

All news point out we are in for a long time of economic uncertainty at best. If you are manager, team or organizational leader, your workforce might be reduced, is probably still mourning prosperous times, and your job is still to engage, and motivate them.

Working long hours, doing whatever is in their job description until the next paycheck arrives is not enough. What we all need now is something much better. You can not promise much, but need to get more out of them than ever. Absurd, isn't it?

Promise them something you know you can't deliver? I am not for broken promises as I wrote in Easy Ways to Keep Your Leadership Strong. So, no broken promises please, as morale of your people is probably at least not high enough. No need to bring it even lower (together with your reputation).

You CAN Get More On The Same Budget…

You are not likely to get more resources, so you better maximize existing ones.

Remember to use all solid, free, but powerful management tools that impact engagement and then the bottom line. Use them, and make sure your executives use them on daily basis. You have nothing to lose and all to gain.

Make sure you not only know, but practice 12 Elements of Great Managing For Engagement, as engaged employees are

more productive -- (more profitability)
more likely to win (back) customers
more innovative (generate and share more ideas)
more safe at work
more loyal (lower turnover)

In other words engaged employees will help you win customers, grow (more innovation), guard safety (reduced healthcare costs and company reputation).

CEO of Campbel soup said recently ''Engagement creates trust and inspiration -- and trusting, inspired employees can accomplish extraordinary things. ''

Don’t Just ''Trust'' Your Managers

It is easy to say ''trust'' and ''inspiration'', but it is difficult to make it work. It could take a decade to get the company firing on all cylinders again and the workforce engaged top to bottom after the trust and inspiration are gone.

Hold your managers accountable to use free and powerful management tools like

Personalized feedback and


for starters. Big deal you say, but these two are not meant just to make workers feel good, but are predictors of good performance. Yet, a global study indicates that they are among the lowest rated workplace elements worldwide.

If you are the manager show your people you care about them and their development.

e.g. In the latest survey of German employees' engagement, only 2 % of actively disengaged employees strongly agree that their supervisor or someone at work cares about them as a person. In sharp contrast 85 % of engaged German employees strongly agree with this statement. Similar data applies for their development at work.

Don't overlook ''small' things and take it for granted your managers ''know it''. It happens more often than you can afford - that they do not put that knowledge into action.

I liked approach of Carmen Fulchini, Best Buy's General Manager at a new outlet in Woodbridge, N.J.

"I check my managers on this sometimes and ask, 'What did you do to give feedback to people recently? Give me some examples, good or bad.' If they struggle to remember, I immediately stop them and say, 'If you have to think about it, then you did not give them quality feedback. If you had, it would have stood out in your mind, because it came right from the heart, spontaneously, and when you walked away you felt good about it.''

There are many forces outside of your organization control, so don't miss on what you can do. Keep your employees engaged, decide what is the most important for your business and keep people focused on it, even when the whole world seem to be against you. That is how you will prove your leadership.

What are the ways you measure or boost engagement and what are your thoughts about all said here?

If you need to discuss the best way to use these free tools, e-mail me and we will schedule initial consultation for you.

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