Jun 5, 2011

Simple Formula for Great Presentation - part 2 of Video Course ''Present Better than Anyone''

Here is ''A Simple formula for great presentation'' - the part two of the video course '' How to Present Better than Ever, Better than Anyone''. In this video you will find out

  • What to do if you are worried about your delivery.
  • How to approach creating content and making it good basis for great delivery.

If you still haven't watched the part one of this video course, you can do so now by clicking here.

Don't be a victim of the myths about Presentations in the article

3 Myths About Presentations + 3 Reasons Why Everyone Learns, But Nobody Knows How to Present Effectively

Decide to start improving now, not a day before a presentation.

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Looking forward to your comments and questions, while making the next video, part 3 : ''How to Make a Great Content''.

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