Jun 27, 2011

No Panic System For Presentations - part 4 of ''Present Better Than Ever and Anyone''

Here is the part 4 of video series ''Present Better Than Ever and Anyone'' where I am explaining my ''No Panic System For Delivering Great Presentation With Great Confidence.''

I know it is not going to help you much if I just say ''Relax'' or ''Believe in yourself.''

We all feel nervous, but there is no one way that will meet everybody's needs. But there are principals that will help you double your confidence and that is what I want you to do.

''The two greatest fear busters are knowledge and action.''— Denis Waitley.

We will attack the fear from both fronts - knowledge and action.

In this video series I tell you what you need to know, and how to put this knowledge in action (step by step, alone or by working with me).

What are we afraid of? Failure! We usually worry that we are going to:
  • Embarrass ourselves -make a mistake, or not now the answer to the question
  • Forget what we want to say
  • Be dreadfully dull to audience (boring, cliche, irrelevant info)

And there is the fear of unknown - of what we look and sounds like to our audience.

How does this fear usually manifests itself?In a very unpleasant way, like

Jelly legs
Sweaty palms
Increased Heart rate (Increased is probably understatement? I' d feel like heart was beating OUT of my chest)
Shallow breathing etc.

In this video I am presenting you The best strategies that worked for me and my clients, i.e. my No Panic System For Delivering Great Presentation With Great Confidence.

The system will dramatically improve your confidence, because it will set you on the right track and prevent you from delivering lousy presentation and this way it will ease your anxiety.

This system has 3 stages

1. What to have in mind as soon as you start feeling ''butterflies''

2. What to do during preparation stage

3. What to do during delivery


Realize and expect to feel nervous. It is normal. You still do not want to show it, and no need to tell your audience. Even the best have faults. Having these facts in mind helps:

You always look much less nervous to others than you think. Most of the times they don't see it at all. They'll tell you you looked confident, authoritative and relaxed even.

Your audience wants you to succeed. Once they are there they prefer to hear good presentation.

Probably they have low expectations, as most of presentations they've ever heard were boring.

People are more focused on their problems, careers, thoughts than on every detail about you.

More about this is in the video.


1. Design The Best Content

For exact steps of creating great content, see the videos 1, 2 and 3 of this series ''Present Better Than Ever & Anyone''. (total 30 minutes)

You will be much more confident knowing you put your best content out there.

Remember in business, primary goal is to communicate message. The goal for the message is to be remembered.

If you repeat the same presentation focus on the parts of your presentations your audience likes and do more of it.

2. Rehearse Your Presentation.

Rehearse. Don't just read your words on paper or slides. Presentations are actually speaking.

But no need to memorize exact words or movements.

You can rehearse with audience (colleagues, family....) or without.

If you don't rehearse you are throwing a ''rough draft'' to your audience. That is rarely good enough and it is nerve wrecking.

Preparation with (camera) recording is the best idea. That way you will be certain what your audience sees or hears. You can analyze your presentation later on the video. This advice helped me enormously. I found it in this fantastic book by TJ Walker TJ Walker's Secret to Foolproof PresentationsRunning Meetings & Presentations Books)

Record and refine until you like what you see.

I discovered my bad habits after recording myself, and described details of this experience in the video above.When you finally see yourself looking comfortable and interesting - you will feel much more confident.

3. Go to the venue early

Walk around the room, go up on the stage, just to get the feel for it. Try to say the first line of your presentation on the actual stage. Hear your voice there and then for the first time.

Say ''Hi'' to people who are setting up the stage, or the equipment. Get out of your head a little.

Mingle with the audience in the hall, ask them what they do, where they work, what they expect to hear, what they would like to know.

4. Check all technical stuff and have back-ups ready. Make sure CD, DVD that you are going to use work on the provided laptop. Have your copy of slides ready. That way you put your mind at rest, and can concentrate only on smooth delivery.

5. Learn your presentation without slides

Again, this does not mean you have to learn text by heart. No need to memorize words or movements. You can still rely on notes on one sheet of paper. Know what you are going to say so you don't look at your notes first couple of minutes.

If for any reason you are suddenly not able to use slides - you have to be ready. And knowing you know presentation without the slides will give you huge boost in confidence, and even when using slides you will sound and look more confident.

6. Prepare not to (over)react if you do not know an answer or make a mistake (this gave me so much more confidence.)

Just keep your cool and continue. Don't start blushing, perspiring, or apologizing to death. Do not look like you made a mistake, so your audience most probably will not notice. Or at least they will not remember you mostly by the emotional reaction you showed.

In the video I tell you what you can say in these situations.

7. Look the part (and Wear Comfortable shoes)

It always gave me extra boost to wear my best outfit, the one I feel great in, and am comfortable in.

I explained all steps in details in this 20 minutes video.

If you want to explore all possible options out there and some I did not include in this system as they did not work for me, check out 4 Tactics That Did Not Make Me Less Nervous When Presenting and see if you would like to try any of those.

Is it enough to read all this once, one day before or a week before your presentation?

No it is not. Do it regularly, repeat, study, try, improve and make it your routine to practice in the good way and only then you can achieve greatness.

If you need me to help you prepare your presentation, or would like to try free consultation session e-mail me now.

If you would like to hear from me again and have next video about your confidence during delivery, join my mailing list now if you are not subscribed already.

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