Jun 8, 2011

How to Create Great Content - "Present Better Than Ever & Anyone'' part 3

Before you see the part 3 of the new video series that will help you present better than ever and everyone, please take time to see part 1 and part 2 of the series to build on the solid basics.

Don't be a victim of the myths about Presentations I described in the article

3 Myths About Presentations + 3 Reasons Why Everyone Learns, But Nobody Knows How to Present Effectively

Decide to start improving now, not a day before a presentation.

To see Why, Who and How Has to Improve Right, Now Part 1 (15 minutes video) click HERE

To see A simple Formula For Great Presentation, Part 2 (6 minutes video) click HERE

Here are the main questions I answered in ''How To Create Great Content'', Part 3 (11 min.) video of the video series ''How To Present Better Than Ever & Anyone'' :

  • What criteria your content has to fulfill to be great?
  • What steps you have to go through to make sure you communicated your idea?
  • How to be understood, remembered, relevant or keep your audience's attention?
  • Where do you start when creating content of your presentation?
  • How to create content that will make your presentation interesting, remembered, effective?
  • The biggest success factor that you have to start from (where to focus) and what not to worry about?
  • What single element is going to make your presentation remembered wherever in the world you are presenting?
  • Do you have to use visuals, Power point slides, props, high and low-tech elements, and do they need to look or be really expensive, and why?
  • What is the example of using simple props, all world talks about?
  • How to track response of your audience?

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Looking forward to your comments and questions, while making the next video, part 4 : ''Deliver great presentation with greatest confidence.'' I will select the best strategies and actionable tips to double your confidence, based on quality of your presentation, rather than on your ego projection.

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