Jun 1, 2011

How to Present Better Than Ever, Better than Anyone - Part One of Video Course

Here is the part one of the video course that will help you present the best you can, and hopefully better than anyone else. I say ''hopefully'' just because you'll have to put your knowledge and talent in action, right now, by working hard and smart (alone or in a coaching program) for real results.

I got overwhelming response from you, a number of e-mails after the article ''3 Reasons Why Your Presentation Sucks Even If You Are a CEO'' and decided to make this video course to answer all your questions and set you on the course of being the best presenter.

If you are a manager, leader, team leader, senor executive, or even a beginner who wants to stand out, shine, influence, get promoted, represent your department, company or yourself in front of the industry or the whole world - you need to be the pro and advance your presentation skills. You can advance only as fast as you are committed to your excellence and success.

Reading 5, 10 or 20 tips are not enough, knowing an awful lot of theory is not enough, and that confirms number of complaints from you about your colleagues' lousy presentations. Don't be mad at me, but you probably think you are much better than you really are. You will hear why in this video.

In this 15 minutes video I answer 3 main questions:

1. WHY do you need to start improving your presentation skills right now, even if you think you are good?/ Why are these skills so important for your career and your success?

2. WHO are two groups of people who should start improving today?

3. WHAT do you have to have in mind EVERY time before you even touch the Power point, to make your presentation brilliant.

Watch this video now and decide to follow up and take the right action. I will help you decide what the best action is.

You will get the following videos on this topic next week. Just make sure you subscribe on the blog, if you are not a subscriber already. We will never rent sell or abuse your privacy and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Please leave the comment below so I can study your answers and give you more quality content you deserve.

You would help me improve by answering:

Q1 What did you like the most about this video?
Q2 What do you remember after this video? (one to three points please)
Q3 Did anything particularly made you think about what I said?

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Looking forward to hear from you!


  1. Great presentation and great help for improving presentation skills. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you Grace, just be sure you do keep putting it into action, and I'll post following videos soon. Will pack them with the best strategies and tips I have found, practiced and taught in 20 years.


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