Jun 4, 2011

3 Myths About Presentations + 3 Reasons Why Everyone Learns, But Nobody Knows How to Present Effectively

When was the last time you were listening to a killer presentation, the one where you thought something like ''This person is saying something interesting, I am going to pay attention, I want to know more, or/and I will tell others about it. ''?

If you are like me, and other 10 people I asked the same question today, you will probably have to think long and hard before coming up with an answer. You might even say ''Never!''

Why do you think there are thousands of books, CDs, DVDs and Youtube and other videos, or seminars on the topic, yet we are not seeing ANY results?

Here are 3 myths and 3 reasons, whose combination is responsible for such (pathetic) outcome.

3 Myths Responsible for Nobody Presenting Effectively

Myth 1. Presentation is not important, it is a ''soft'' skill. Think again. If you are a manager, leader or want to stand out - don't stop at thinking only. You want to make your people think innovation, savings, efficiency, sales? You can influence them in your (great) presentation, sell the idea/product/service, even improve bottom line, stay in business... What is soft about that?

Myth 2. Presentation is saying as much as possible, looking sharp, having cool Power point/slides, not fainting, looking authoritative and clever while loading data, numbers, figures facts, cliches or information about ourselves to the audience.
Stuff coming out of our mouth, without mistakes does not equal great presentation.

Myth 3. Perfect appearance, voice or body language are necessary for a great presenter. You worry too much you should look and sound like radio speakers or TV presenters.
This is only necessary if you want the job on TV or radio. Good (presenting) job is not to be like famous TV personality, just to prepare and deliver your (relevant) message in interesting, memorable way - focused on audience.

3 Reasons Why Everyone Learns, But Nobody Knows How to Present Effectively

1. We think we are already good (enough) presenters.
We never know how much better we could have done in (management) career, sales, income, influencing others (leadership), getting promoted, getting hired, etc. if we have presented ideas or points in much better way than we did.

2. We are just starting to gather information, or work on presentation one day or one week before, apply something then forget all about it. But improvement is lifelong process. There is always possible improvement.
When have you ever become world class in something without continuous or systematic effort, practicing, and practicing in the right way?

3. We are overwhelmed with information, including info on Presentation skills, and do not know where or how to start. We pick bits and peaces, different advice and test some occasionally, then forget about it.

Now, you can choose to believe any of these myths, or do very little to become great presenter. You have the right to choose to stay in the shadow of others, who did not work harder but did not hesitate to present or get promoted. Or you can present better than anyone, do it often, get noticed, and asked (or hired) to present in front of top management, or represent your department, or your company in front of customers or the industry.

If you are ready to become best presenter than ever. and start presenting better than anyone I am giving you my new, 5 parts video course ''Present Better than Ever, Better than Anyone'' .

I was hesitating to make (another) training program on presentation skills, but realized I will help, taking you through all the most important basics, steps, and systematize all the best presenting tips and strategies I have learned that made me and my clients present ten times better.

In this video course I will answer all questions you e-mailed me after 3 Reasons Why Your Presentation Sucks Even if You are a CEO, and will follow up on your improvement.

Watch the video ''How to Present Better than Ever, Better than Anyone, part 1 first (Why do you need to start right now, Who must improve, and What you must have in mind before even touch Power Point or write the first line of your presentation),


Part 2 - Simple Formula for Great Presentation (If You Worry About Your Delivery).

If you subscribe to this blog I'll make sure you'll get following parts of the video course in your inbox as soon as they are out. You will have the opportunity to become one of very few people to take advantage of free personal consultation with me.

Looking forward to your comments and questions, and making the next video, part 3 : ''How to Make a Great Content''.

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