May 6, 2011

A Business Leader? Do You Have to Know, or Do You Have to DO? 5 Questions To Answer About Your Learning

Most of the people I know or work with are (or would like to be) successful businessmen (women), or very high level executives. A great business leaders.

They keep reading, learning and some feel like preparing for a bright future in business world they would like to know all about.

5 Questions To Answer About Your Learning

I've got these questions for you. Please try to answer to yourself, or (even better) by posting a comment:

1. How many books, reports, ''how to'' articles, videos have you read or seen this year?

2. What did you do with it?

3. What did you put to work and did it really work for you? Did you see any great result and what was it? Why? Why not?

4. What do you think you should still know to make you the best business leader you can be?

And another thing.

5. Are you reading/learning much more than doing?

Why Am I Asking?

I would like to make sure you are getting best return on your learning/time investment and because this is what I believe:

You don't need to know everything better than anybody, but you better be delivering better than anybody else if you want to be the best, if you want to (deserve to) be on top.

As business leaders we need results, sooner or later. At it better be sooner.

We are all looking for answers, ideas, inspiration, solutions.
We learn to build skills, understanding and confidence crucial for leadership,
and I wrote about that in Leadership Skills, Learning and Confidence .

What I would like you to think about today is what or how much of it did you put to work, if any? Did this all learning help you?

What did you learn, or what impacted you in a way that you have gotten a result, a great result perhaps? Do you think your learning time is well invested?

I always wanted to ask you that, and today a former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, reminded me to do so, by saying in an interview, ''What bothers me about management books, they all say these things generically, but nobody does it.''

But You Have Employees…To DO

You can (and have to do) things through people, of course. Their results will be yours, too.

You will have to let them learn, motivate them, engage them and sell them the vision of the future to make them move. OK, you need to know HOW to do it, just remember to really DO it.

One more time: You' ll have to deliver great business results if you wanna be(come) great business leader.

Business Learning, Action, Results

There is the time when we have to stop just reading, watching, preparing, managing risks, making business plans on paper, attending latest strategy seminar. When we gotta go and DO business.

The knowledge will help you. Your talent will push you. But you will have to turn them to action again and again.

I only want you not to forget that.

If you are researcher, a lecturer, or anything else - it might be different. But when you are a business leader, or wanna be one -- you've got to translate that knowledge, information, talent insights, your heart and soul, body and mind into a business result.

If you are overwhelmed, or just want to discuss selecting strategies to be the best leader, application of what you learned in your business or organization, take advantage of personal consultation by sending me an email now.

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