May 3, 2011

How Can I Help Your Leadership? Ask me a Question and Let Me Ask You One

This week my (new) blog has reached a small milestone, having American Management Association retweeting my article on Twitter to their 36 k followers.

Record number of people read my post(s), and I thank numerous new subscribers who joined me and other leaders, managers and professionals, in learning, sharing knowledge, inspiration and best practices.

We all want to keep up a good work, get recognized, feel successful and see results. So I was happy to see AMA tweet telling me to ''keep up the good work.''

I believe you are already doing great work, want to keep improving it, and making a difference in your organization. That is what I am trying to keep in mind when posting on this blog. I want to see you happy and successful.

I would like to make sure to present you with exactly what you would like to read/know, and maybe you just do not have the time to research or read about.

I love and respect business, so I will do my best to help. I need to ask you first.

How Can I Help You?

I know we all face challenges, problems or questions regarding our job, managing business, career or leadership.

Today I would like to have your input on what your challenges are and what are the topics that would help you know more about.

Please take couple of minutes to fill the form below and I will answer first 5 questions within a week, protecting your privacy and identity, unless you state otherwise.

Now please

Feel free to describe issues you would like to see resolved at your work--place, results you would like to achieve, and I will prepare an article or do a research or my own recommendation regarding whatever you are facing.

Ask Me a Question Now. Why?

Every day I talk to managers, employees or business owners. Every now and then my clients, very successful people, have challenge they want someone's opinion on.

Sometimes they just need a little support or confirmation they are doing the right thing.

You can be one of them today. Go ahead and just send me you question or describe a situation you are thinking about.

Next week you will receive my written answer, and I will protect your privacy if you would not like me to publish your name.

If you don't like my advice or opinion you just don't have to take it.

I am offering you the opportunity to share your concern or just check out what someone else thinks.

This offer applies to all - new and old subscribers.

It is as if you are talking to a management consultant, but also - experienced and trusted friend.

I thank you again for being my subscriber, reader, client, friend or all of this and look forward to seeing your answers.

To get more articles, updates, free or special offers, and to download my e-book''Productive Executive/Manager - Manage Interruptions at Work'', join the mailing list if you haven't done so already.

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