Apr 29, 2011

Top 10 Business Concerns of C-level Executives and What Does it Have to Do With Your Leadership

Are you one of the executives who is facing issues such as managing change, applying innovation, attracting and retaining skilled talent, improving workforce performance, reducing workforce costs, and improving company culture and employee attitudes?

What about acquiring new customers? It might keep you awake at night.

And you are not alone. I know exactly how you feel, my clients and friends do too.

Economic challenges and the speed of market -- place change do not help anyone to be very optimistic in trying to bridge the gap between knowing what's going on and what to do about it

Top 10 Business Concerns of C-level Executives

Most recent Accenture's global awareness survey of 976 C-level executives reveals these are top issues on the minds of other executives across most industries and geographies.

Business Issue and the rank assigned by executives:

Acquiring new customers (1)

Managing change within the enterprise (2)

Managing risk (2)

Intensified pressure to reduce cost (4)

Reducing workforce related costs (5)

Managing for a downturn in business (6)

Applying innovation to stay ahead of competition (6)

Attracting, retaining and developing skilled talent (8)

Increasing customer loyalty and retention in an increasingly buyer -- driven market (8)

Changing corporate culture and employee attitudes (10)

Improving workforce performance -- ensuring our workforce is the most productive, creative, entrepreneurial. (10)

As you can see, seven out of top ten ranked business issues on the minds of the respondents are work-force and organization related.

Many executives are concerned if they have skills, knowledge and experience internally to execute complex workforce and organizational transformation program at the scale required to to meet today's challenges and opportunities.

Putting in place rigorous programs to address such deficiencies -- one that can be designed, managed and tracked seems like unknown territory.

Do you have any of the programs in place and what challenges are you facing?

What Does it Have to Do With Your Leadership?

Do you think daily of the ways you/your team (could) add (more) value, because this is what you should be thinking about, if you consider yourself a business person or a (future) leader.

Now you are certain what the most pressing issues are, where your boss and your organization would really appreciate your help.

Outstanding contribution in addressing listed challenges demonstrates your leadership capability and should impact your career in a positive way. Would you agree?

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