Apr 18, 2011

Are You a Great Business Leader? Do You Love and Live Business?

As a management consultant I love and respect business. Am thinking, reading or dreaming about the way to create it, help it, grow it or just promote it. And I am not talking only MY business.

I take every opportunity to help other business' owners or their employers who reach out for me, and they do. My first instinct is to say yes not only because it is my work or I get paid (unless I do it for free, which I also do), but because I am excited at a prospect to help business.

Every little counts in my opinion. I am ready to jump into action whenever I know or can do anything that any business needs. I consider this as demonstration of my business leadership now.

Sometimes it is just conversation with another entrepreneur who is plagued with self doubt, lack of motivation or support. Sometimes it is (perhaps your) employee who is looking for answers to a problem, perspective of an outsider or expert, and you would be surprised how many times it is just a sincere interest bright and successful people are looking for, while they discuss their challenges or dreams.

If any of these people who want to make a difference just feels better, or get a step closer to recognizing/reaching a goal, and winning strategy to benefit business - I feel my mission is fulfilled.

I repeat, I love business, and believe you need to love it and live it to be a business leader.

5 Things I Love Business For

What is it that makes me respect and love business so much? Here are first 5 things that come to mind (although love and passion can hardly be properly described):

1. It keeps us busy. It keeps us inspired. It feels like a game for big boys/girls.

2. It creates jobs. It puts food on our tables. Not to mention many many other things or vacations.

3. It makes people upgrade their skills, communication, and develop some of the greatest friendships.

4. It gives us a feeling of accomplishments and, hopefully, tons of confidence.

5. It improves lives, making and selling products and services that we need or want.

Great Business Leader?

Since I am business and management consultant I am following mostly business leaders and write for all who want to become one. That is why I want to remind you how much we need your leadership.

If you want to be a great business leader, love and live business. You probably already do. It would be great to know how you feel about it. Some days you might feel sick of it all or wonder if it is all worth it, but I know you will recover soon, as you will have this drive for achievement, that makes you love and live business.

You won't be able to be in it half-heartedly. Aren't you lucky to be able to spend your time where your heart and mind is, creating life and existence for (many) others and their families?

Wherever in organization you are, you (can) do your leadership thing by helping business succeed. Whatever your place is, whatever your job is. Great challenge for you is to find out exactly how you can make a difference, then go and make it. Every day of your life.

I thank you all in my name and all others who need a little strength, leadership or even just jobs.

What are your thoughts?

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