Feb 13, 2011

Who is still (un)employed in January 2011?

More about employment and career choices

Recent articles about Who is hiring whom in 2011 and How to Impress Best recruiters and how NOT to fool yourself attracted a lot of interest. In Who is hiring whom in 2011, just 25 companies (voted best companies to work for), announced over 130 000 jobs.

Not only I hope everyone who wants a job will have one, I also care about people enjoying their jobs, using their unique sets of talents and skills, while being challenged, appreciated, rewarded and engaged. That is why I keep writing about how/where to get job, keep one, enjoy it more, get a better one, improve business, build business, create jobs, help you help yourself and everyone else - in direct or indirect way.

It seems we are all eager for good news about hiring, so I took some time to check out reports by Bureau of Labor Statistics in US department of Labor - News release: The Employment Situation - January 2011.

What did I find about Employment in January 2011 comparing to 2010?

Employment rose in:
Manufacturing (added 49 000 jobs in January: +20 000 jobs in motor vehicles and cars, +13 000 in metal products, +10 000 jobs in machinery, +5 000 jobs in computer and electronic products),

Retail trade (added 28 0000 jobs in January, 15 000 of which in clothing stores)

Health care (average 11 000 jobs in January, but average 22 000 per month over the prior 12 months)

Employment was down in:
Construction (jobs declined by 32 000 in January) also impacted by severe winter weather

Transportation and Ware-housing ( fell by 38 000 in January 2011, mostly among couriers and messengers who gained jobs in December)

Employment in most other major industries changed little over the month.

Some other numbers to get a general picture

  • Unemployment rate is still 9%, but fell by 0,4 % point (for the second month in a row.)
  • The number of unemployed persons decreased by 600 000 in January, to 13,9 million.
  • I learned that Long-term unemployed i.e. all who are jobless for 27 weeks or more make 43.8 % of all unemployed.
  • The number of discouraged workers is 1 million in January 2011, about the same as in January 2010. Discouraged workers are those currently not looking for jobs, because they believe no jobs are available for them.

Hope none of you is in this, discouraged category, although it is perfectly normal and understandable if you feel like that on some days.

You can see full report with breakdown by age, sex, race, industry, answers to FAQ etc. here.

I will keep researching and posting employment trends, and hot jobs for the year ahead. I thank and congratulate all who are employing people (or even self-employed) and treating them right. You are the leaders we need more of, now.

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