Feb 1, 2011

How to give advice as a leader? Learn 5 keys to give advice from a guru

If you have any friends you have probably been giving advice, were asked for one, or felt like you were expected to give it. This also happens at work, with colleagues or your people who trust you and approach you with (sometimes personal) problems.

The more people see you as a leader, someone they respect trust or admire, the more likely it is they will come to you when they have a problem or need advice. In my long management and consulting career I was approached for advice many times, and I know it is not as easy as it seems. You need to come up with best thing to say, and it does not always have to be an answer or a solution to people's problem.

I know you want to help, but I also know you are not a guru, therapist or trained in any way to give advice. Sometimes people need help of a professional and you can not do much. Also, a person approaching you might be very emotional, and that does not make things easier. You can not say ''Snap out of it!'' and you don't have to find a solution. But what is the best thing to do? No one prepares you for that. That is why I decided to write the post on this topic and give you keys to giving great advice, I wish I knew when I was starting my management career.

I find Brendon Burchard's video good, fun to watch, and am sharing it with you.

In this video, Brendon gives and explains Five keys to give great advice:

1. Be fully present. This is the best gift we can give someone. Really be there, be focused, without thinking what is happening anywhere else in the world.

2. Acknowledge and appreciate their emotional reality. Don't tell them how to feel (before you try to make them feel better.)

3. Ask intelligent question that help THAT person figure out their situation better. It serves them the most.

4. Offer perspective, so they can make their own options and choices. This is the best you can offer even if people tell you they want the answers. In fact, they rarely come to you for an answer.

5. Tell them what to do only if they want you to, give directive with level of confidence in themselves, without being pushy.

Maybe you are already doing it this way, and would like to compare your experience to those of other people who are paid to do it, like advisors, gurus, other coaches. This video should help you, as we are all expected to be more competent, supportive, prepared and strong these days. Enjoy and improve your influence. Don't miss to see this wonderful presentation of Brendon and hear him speaking.

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