Feb 16, 2011

Who is likely to find a NEW/HOT job in 2011?

We all know someone who is unemployed, or employed and looking for a new opportunity i.e. job. Some employed people I know are looking for a job harder than the ones who are unemployed. It even seems that employed guys get more job offers, too.

Some of you are just curious about job market and career choices, or want to know if their kids/family members are likely to find a perfect career. So I keep searching and hoping for good news on the job market. The following is short update of what I have found in the past week.

There are still no spectacular news. Some say employment trends are anemic at best. I learned US needs to create 130 000 new jobs every month just to meet the need of new entries to labor force. (since last June employers have added net of only 284 000 jobs). It is depressing to write more on ''Great Job Depression'', so let me present few jobs identified as ''hot'' , with projected job growth between 15 and 130 % in 2011.

If you are not looking for a job yourself, but employing people - you might be aware of who will be in demand, so you try (harder) to keep them.

TOP 10 HOT JOBS in 2011 with brightest long - term prospects
based on Bureau of Labor Statistics report are:

Hot Job for 2011.

Projected Number of Openings

Who is Hiring

Mobile Applications Developer

50 000 +

Startups, established companies expanding to mobile channels

Biomedical Engineer

11 600

Biomed engineering firms like CardioKinetix, Devax, Sequent Medical, Synare, Talima Therapeutics,etc.

Home Health Aide

170 000

State/country welfare agencies, private home health agencies, nursing and care facilities

Physician Assistant

29 200

Private practices, hospitals, nonprofits, federal government

Software Engineers

175 100

VC-backed tech startups, large tech firms

Environmental Engineers

16 600

Engineering Consulting Firms, American Water Works Association, Air and Waste Management Association, Solid Waste Management Association of North America

HVAC Technicians

86 600

Equipment Manufacturers, HVAC companies, Government facilities and hospitals

Financial Analyst

49 600

Private firms, hospitals, nonprofits, local state and federal government, colleges.

Medical Records Technicians

35 100

Physicians practices, nursing facilities, outpatient care centers, hospitals, HMO’s

Elementary School Teachers

244 200

Regional school districts, nonprofit institutions, private schools

If you would like to know what exactly you do at each of these jobs, what education
you require, average starting salary, key skills and why that job is hot see a full report


Gallup reported unemployment improved the most between January 2010. and January
2011. among Americans with a high school education, (from 15, 4 % to 13, 6%) and
among those with postgraduate degree. (from 5,0 % to 3,8 %.)

The data suggests there are advantages in completing college. The unemployment
rate among college grads is 5,8 % versus 10, 9 % among those with some college.

For all of you not living in USA, here is the link to global employment data by Gallup.

Gallup findings support the idea that education is key to U.S. job growth and job creation.

Another Gallup finding interesting for me was: more than 60% of small business owners
who hired less workers than they needed in 2010. say one reason they did so is
inability to find qualified employees. This is what I have been hearing from business
owners (from other countries too) for few years.

Some of you wrote to me with your (mainly frustrating) experiences about job search. I wish
you best of luck and will share all news and research I find useful with you. Feel free to
comment if there is anything you would like to share with others who are looking to
find/change a job.

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