Jan 22, 2011

Who is Hiring Whom in 2011 - Over 100 000 Jobs in Best Companies

Would you like to work for Intel, Cisco, Boston Consulting, Microsoft, American Express, Mayo Clinic? Did you hear they are hiring? Perhaps you are, like me, just curious about what current openings they have. If you have lost your job remember that every exit is an entry to somewhere.

I studied hiring 25 Companies (all being 100 Best Companies to Work for according to Fortune magazine), and recent announcements from news sources all over the U.S., then summarized their current openings.

Just 25 Best companies to work for, have total of 137 000 available jobs.

What are they looking for?

That depends on an industry the company operates in but here is the full list. I will list only job titles with largest number of openings:

2000 Consultant positions in different practices and areas (Boston Consulting Group)

1200 Customer Service Team Members out of 2000 current openings (Wegmans Food Markets)

170 Customer care professionals out of 1813 current openings (American Express)

350 Software Engineers out of 2500 current openings in engineering and sales (NetApp)

500 Financial Advisors out of 890 current openings(Edward Jones)

407 Software Engineers out of 4591 current openings (Cisco)

250 Software Engineers out of 2900+ current openings (Intel)

30 Enterprise Data Management out of 3511 current openings (Deloitte)

1000 evenly distributed openings among inside sales reps, enterprise sales reps, consultants, computer engineers and quality engineers (Adobe Systems)

2368 Core Software Development positions out of current 6 338 openings (Microsoft)

24 Health Industry Professionals and People Soft Managers out of 9144 current openings (PricewaterhouseCoopers)

500 openings in the Advisory practice out of 10 000 current openings among Assurance, Core Business Services, transactions and Tax Services (Ernst & Young)

400 Sales consultants out of 1035 current openings (CarMax)

700 Management and Technology Consultants, entry level and experienced (Booz Allen Hamilton)

1300 Audit associates, new graduates, and 200 Advisory senior associates, out of 5000 current openings (KPMG)

49 positions for Project managers out of 719 current openings (CH2M Hill)

150 Entry level restaurant managers and 1800-3600 team members positions (Darden restaurants)

400 Retail management positions out of 2000 + current openings (Starbucks)

64 000 Consulting positions including entry-level for various functional and technical skills and industries. (Accenture)

Besides these 25 companies (that belong in ''Top 100 Companies to work for'') there are other announcements or hiring going on, too. Just to mention few:

Ford Motor's Co plans to hire 7 000 people, strategic consulting group Capgemini with headquarters in Paris, plans to bring 550 employees on board in their new office in Charlotte N.C., and Amazon is building two new facilities in Tennessee hiring 1 400 locals, plus hundreds more temporary workers. Pharmaceutical company Novartis is looking for 100 people for R&D facility in Holly Springs, N.C. , Financial services firm USAA is planning to employ 200 licensed financial advisors in Addison, Texas.

Already mentioned global accounting and consulting giants Deloitte and KPMG (both in Top 100 companies to work for) announced at the end of 2010., they will hire 250 000 people by 2016.

Hope this is going to happen, and help all who got in touch asking who was hiring. If you know of openings in your company or others that are good to mention, please send your comment. Thank you.

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