Jan 21, 2011

5 Reasons my friends in corporate jobs envy me: Corporate Job vs. Self Employment

In previous post I admitted there are 5 Things I envy my friends in corporate jobs on, and in this one I’ll give you 5 reasons my friends in corporate jobs envy me, as self-employed person.

I know that we often make ourselves sound way more successful than we really are. I don’t do it, at least not with friends, and yet, they tell me I am so lucky to be self-employed.

All the while they are keeping their jobs, and I am sure there are valid reasons behind such decision.

I guess they see working for yourself as cool, and here’s what they say they envy me on:

1. I don’t need to go to work in the morning.

I can, and I like to work at home, hotel, or wherever I am. I can have a coffee while checking e-mail, and don't need to drive in the rush hour. Bonus: No need to pretend I am wide awake when I am not.

2. I don’t have a boss. Does this need explanation?

I had great bosses and some bosses I can’t believe I worked for - even for a day. Still, I nearly envy myself on this and admit this is one of my favorite feelings.

3. I don't HAVE TO do anything all day.

I can go to the bank before 5 p.m., go shopping, surf the net or watch reruns of SATC. They understand that will NOT keep me in business, and that’s not what I do, but they usually stop considering such an ugly consequence. They say it's just great to feel able to do nothing without anyone noticing.

4. I rarely know or care how many days before Friday/weekend.

I work every Saturday and Sunday I say. Nobody cares. My work is my lifestyle now. Some days are harder than others to stay creative, motivated, energized or optimistic, but I often catch myself working and not feeling it is work at all. Often I would rather work than watch TV, or even go out.

5. There is always a possibility to make few months salary in one month.

A possibility which does not happen all the time I say. They only remember times when that DID happen, and they never mention instances when I worked for few weeks or months without making a cent before the project was completed, successful, or paid.

Nobody likes to think about times when I did not know how long before my next customer or contract, but this is what I was facing more often than I would have liked.

Is the grass greener in corporate, or in working-for-yourself garden? It’s hard to tell. What do you think?

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