Dec 7, 2010

Your team and champion's spirit + Another gift from me

I know you know (or I already made you know/bored you to death) my home country Serbia just won Davis Cup, for the first time in our first final.

Many of you know I like watching sports and am die-hard tennis fan. You can imagine what becoming World Champions in Tennis means to me, and our people who did not have much good news during past 20 years or so, whether we were living in Serbia or around the world, like me.

Our tennis players are our idols and example of big heart, great work ethics, love of our country, desire, true team spirit and friendship. They attribute this win to loving team work and their friendship on and off court. The coach of our Davis Cup team confirms that players are each other's biggest supporters.

This is what I admire in addition to trophies and dedication to impressive goal and success (they all believed in).

If you don't trust me, here is a tweet by Andy Murray: ''Amazing effort from Serbia in Davis Cup, no funding, poor facilities but people with big hearts, work ethic and desire. Great job.''

If you like sport (and I know you do, 'cause I heard you in the offices, or joined discussions ) , support a team, player, or are playing yourself you will not think my happiness is weird. It is likely you cried a tear or two (or even hundreds - like me) sometimes, or you felt for the players crying tears of joy or huge disappointment.

I have to say to French fans I did not enjoy your tears at all last Sunday, but I have to be happy for my country. You guys have already won Davis Cup 9 times, and will win again. This time we celebrate.


Thanks to success, sportsmanship and human qualities of Novak Djokovic, Viktor Troicki, Janko Tipsarevic and Nenad Zimonjic, and inspiration I am overwhelmed with, I want to treat you guys with

Another 30 minutes Free Coaching Session,
on Public Speaking/Presentation/Feedback/Communication to your team.

You choose.

You just have to be fast and e-mail me, I can take first 10 applicants by the end of December, even if I have to work some more extra hours, but when inspired - I feel like I can do it all! Don't you? I am working hard on Leadership Mastery Coaching Sessions already and will try to accept all of you sooner or later.


On this wonderful occasion, tennis players are my leaders who inspired me to be more committed, creative, go an extra mile, contribute more, try to make more impact in my world, reach to others, persist, enjoy life. Aren't those nice qualities to find in a leader?

I find I lead better and easier when I am happy and inspired, too. Check out Harvard Business Review podcast ''Why a happy brain performs better''.

If you suspect I am obsessed, or think leadership/business and sport don't mix, remember a guru to Apple and Google, Bill Campbell is a former college football coach. He is a favorite coach of Eric Schmidt, Google CEO and Steve Jobs of Apple. Campbell is ''the most confidential advisor in Silicon Valley, shaping the character of an industry.'' Campbell, whom everyone calls Coach hasn't written a line of code in his life. But he does seem to have a supernatural ability to fire people up about their work.

Let me know what sports you love and what inspires you to be a champion in your work, life or play. How do you inspire yourself and your people? Do you enjoy team spirit within your company, or team? How do you demonstrate it and did it help you achieve some extraordinary result? It should and I hope it did.

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I thank you for bearing with me these days and look forward to talk to you soon.

We are the Champions!!!!!!!!!

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