Nov 10, 2010

Video course about criticizing your people for better performance and your influence

After publishing 4 articles on HOW and WHY to criticize your people, improve their performance and grow your leadership or management credibility, I have put 5 short videos (in playlist on You tube, and now here) for all who enjoy watching videos, or are learning better that way.

These five videos are running one after the other, and their titles are:

You can also watch these videos separately on my new You tube channel.

After all, don't forget to follow up and see why at the end of the 10 Rules to Criticizing constructively.

If you have any tips or good ideas, feel free to share them with the rest of us, and share this video with all who might benefit from it.

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  1. Hi Liliana,
    I hope you are doing great. Your "How and why to criticize your people" videos are very helpful. I just wanted to mention that in your first video's third slide you have the line "They might see you as week..". The line should be "They might see you as weak..". Just a typo.

  2. Dileep, thanks, you are right, it's a typo! Apologies to all, until I redo the course (slide).


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