Oct 12, 2010

Steve Jobs' management terror and high-tech dating and marriage advice - free book from Guy Kawasaki

"90 hours a week and loving it" was written on sweatshirts Steve Jobs ordered for guys working in his Macintosh division of Apple in the early 80's.

We can almost smell silicon while reading Guy Kawasaki's book ''The Macintosh Way - The art of Guerrilla management''.

Enjoy anecdotes, entertaining exercises and still sound advice in growing companies, hiring A players, customer service, product demos and much, much more.

Guy gives us funny, colorful insider's insight about early days of Apple's Macintosh division. As a bonus you get high-tech dating and marriage advice. Who could ask for more?

Macintosh division was handpicked and managed by now legendary Steve Jobs. See why it wasterrifying and fantastic experience working with him, and find sound advice on getting hired in popular company. (And it's not a 10 page CV with a photo.)

It's hard to believe this book is 20 years old. It is still good reading for all CEO's and directors of growing companies. Must read for all high-tech companies.

This book made me laugh and miss my days (years) at high-tech companies, my brilliant and funny colleagues, even my bosses. It made me feel nostalgic, although I've never come close to Silicon Valley.

Now, as a management consultant I am forever figuring and sharing what management practices worked, how or why.

This book covers work environment, products, marketing, and customer support; these are always the foundations of a great company.

The book went out of print several years ago, and Guy has been working since to get the rights back. He has finally succeeded, and is making the digitized eBook available free to everyone for the asking.

You can also read the book in the OfficeDrop iPad app. higher res copy is now available to download from Guy’s site. Pdf format is available at www.freemacway.com. Let me know if you have trouble with this download and I will help.

Do you have any thoughts on starting, growing a company, or managing one? Can you see yourself working with passionate group of people, capable of pulling 90 hours per week and loving it? Have you ever felt like ''shooting at a moving target from a moving platform in pitch black darkness'' due to a rapid change that requires organization to quickly change, move, decide and adapt?

PS: I would not mind massages at my desk every Thursday and Friday...that made those 90 hours a week acceptable I guess.

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