Oct 27, 2010

Leadership potential development for middle and young managers

It is not easy to be in middle management or perhaps new, young manager. Might look like there is no point developing leadership potential from where you are - the myths hold us down, or it sometimes seem like our efforts and results are hidden in a big organization.

Don't let myths and frustrations hold you down or make you forget what you can do at the place you are. Leadership is not only at the top, and it certainly is not the time when you should start developing your leadership potential and influence.

HR executives say the ability to develop future leaders will have the greatest impact on their organizations’ future success. Yet, only one in three believes they are prepared to do this effectively, according to recent IBM study of 800 HR executives.

How do you deal with this challenge? What are your biggest frustrations? What would you like to achieve? What did you find working for you? Looking forward to your thoughts and feedback.

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