Oct 17, 2010

Criticize your people - here is WHY

Some consultants believe you should only praise people and that negative behaviors will fade away due to lack of reinforcement. I don't agree.

In this short video I am telling you why I believe you should criticize your employees. Not because I am this sadistic and arrogant management consultant who enjoys criticizing. On the contrary.

I know how uncomfortable it is for most executives, managers, team leaders, supervisors. That is why they often say nothing. I talked about this in my previous blog post, ''Let's do it leadership'' - part 2.

I don't say you should constantly criticize your people, humiliate, undermine their confidence, make them angry, make them cry (yes, I saw even grown-up men crying with frustration) or demotivated. There are ways to avoid it, while still saying what needs to be said.

In this video I explain why it needs to be done.

You'll get techniques, rules and tips that will help you criticize constructively, and be confident you are doing it in the best way possible in the next blog post.

How do you feel when you have to criticize someone? How do you feel when you are on receiving end? What do you hate the most?

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